Green Day - American Idiot

℗ 2004 Reprise Records

American Idiot Tracklist:


This was my introduction to punk music and it’s the best album ever.


I would use caution on this album, there are about 3 good songs on this album but the rest is just really bad.


People who don’t like this album are the real American Idiots


Screw dem haterz Green Day is local and one of the best rock/alternative bands ever!!


Extraordinary album, I’m speechless

New Jersey songs

JC’s music JJC I 1234 12

Rick Rocker Music

I used to play this album on repeat in h.s! This album influenced so many punk rock bands that I knew, including my own style. One of the greatest albums ever quite frankly.


Band sold out and took other artist’s material.

Agent troll

They stole riffs from 69Goreface


I love this song


So good!!!!!!!! An album to fully digest and savor!


There is so many songs I love o this album


One the best songs I have ever heard before




Art. No more words than art. They are so talented and songs are just awesome. The best song is She’s Rebel in my opinion! 👍


This is a rock epic that wouldn’t have ever been possible without 9/11, the war in Iraq and the Supreme Court ruling of Bush vs Gore. Coming just a few months before GWB was (legitimately) re-elected, this is a wartime record before a phone-obsessed society, at the dawn of reality-show celebrity worshipping. Rock music will lose its relevance in society soon after. You can notice the influence Zen Arcade had on this record, while Zen Arcade was a beast of the TDK/Maxell cassette tape era, American Idiot is a product of the iPod generation.


My personal favorite album and a must have for punk fans!


This is the type of album that you play so many times you can almost hear the next song playing as you finish the previous song. The whole album is sole candy.


This album is so great, and I still love the songs, years later. My parents would listen to this album, and now I associate it with my childhood of swimming in the pool, running through the yard, swinging and sliding down the water slide... this album is so good and so nostalgic for me.


This rock “opera” perfectly sums up the histeria of the post- 9-11 America. Solid songs written in a time capsule.


My favorites are are we the waiting holiday Jesus of suburbia boulevard of broken dreams and American idiot


This is part of my child hood👌😭😩


i want to be able to play songs with my parents

The Joelest

This album came out during a prominent time in our nation. We were at war with Iraq due to the events on September 11th, only a few years ago. The nation was entering a dark period of zenophobia and war. Green Day was a washed up punked band up to this point, but then they came out with this album and gave the angry youth a voice. This album plays like a staged play, similar to Pink Floyd or The Who. The album tells the story Saint Jimmy and Whatever. Get political and feel something.

Jack Apple Pro1988

So i have 2 of the songs and they are the best. the songs i have are Holiday, Boulevard of broken dreams love this album great job Green Day


I enjoy it


I love all the songs on this album American idiot:7/10 fast and quick Jesus of Suburbia:10/10 second best song on the album Holiday: 7/10: great Boulevard of broken dreams: 5/10: overrated Are we the waiting: 6/10: good just a little slow St. Jimmy: 9/10: third best song on the album Give me a noivacane: 9/10very good fifth best on album She’s a rebel: 8/10 catchy song Extraordinary girl: 5/10: worst on album Letterbomb: 9/10: forth best on album Wake me up when September ends: 7/10: sad good message Homecoming: 1000/10: best song makes me cry every time Whatshername: 7/10: good song


I’m a classic rocker/acid rocker and Green Day just hits the Top of the charts in so many ways! Creative song writing, music that just hits on about every song, different instrument stand outs on each song, just an overall Fantastic Band!!!!!!


Great album

Scru u

Their whole album is great but holiday is the best song.


I'm 14 years late but I am finally seeing the hype about Green Day. Yo, this album is lit.


The best album of all time. Perfect in every way. Great songs that tell a great story.

Rapping Rapunzel



Like I said, 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤜👍👍👍👍

MR Sl0th

Oh man this is the truly Gods favorite band


Beautiful and great music and artist.

tøp died

Not a fan not just my genre


This album is awesome! Also, with Trump as president, American Idiot is relevant again!!!


OMG Green Day. I'm so happy that they finally separated holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Love the entire album. My money was well spent. 💪🏻🤟🏻


Green Day Rocks!!!


American Idiot is one of my favorite albums and Green Day has been my favorite band for years. I never thought to leave a review before tho.


This is a pretty good album for Greenday. I am not a huge Greenday fan but this one isn’t too bad. One of their best.


GD, y'all are the reason I'm alive today. Your song saved me from suicide and have helped tremendously with my depression and anxiety. If you ever see this I want y'all to know I love you🖤🤘🏻 (No homo obviously)

Mikal MandichaK

My father died a little less that a year ago and I feel exactly like the song tries to represent. I literally cry every time.


Best Album and Best punk group 4VER! ❤️

Abbey McGraw

Defiantly Green Day's best

The Simpsons family

Probably their best album, you'll be rocking out while also feeling the feels the whole time.

growing up mccartney

I don't see the appeal of this band in the least?


Best album they have made


I friggin LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!! It came out the year I was born.