Green Day - American Idiot (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2004 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.

American Idiot (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

babelins 2357

So I hate myself for why I got this song. I got it because I was looking at Tumblr and I saw that this was L’s theme song from Death Note, so I looked at it and got hooked. ITS SO GOOD THO! I’m not an emo but I can totally listen to this without feeling bad. Good job!


Love the album favorite is American idiot


Green Day is the punk equivalent to the Beatles. Sheer. Legend. Rock on, Billie Joe, and never become an American idiot.


Love it


Without a doubt this is a great album but what I fail to understand is that there’s two of the same exact song called Jesus of suburbia. They need to remove the added version of the same exact song because I. Reality you’re wasting money for 2 of the same song featured on the album. Overall the track list is great with additional songs such as governator, shoplifter and etc. just need to make some obvious changes to how it’s set up


This is my favorite album, I will eat myself if a better one somehow comes out. Intense feels (+1) Rhythm I like (+2) Catchy (+1) Life (+2) Not obnoxious (+6) That earns... 12 brownie points. Thank you for this album.


Best album


Just going down memory lane from when I was and itty bitty little girl at the age of 2! This was and still is my favorite album! So sad to see how they’ve changed...😭 I miss the Green Day that was like this! My dad had shown me "When September ends" when I was around 2 and a half. My dad and I are so disappointed to see them become a popish band 💔💔💔💔


This is amazing go Green Day you blow me away ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Nobody gives Homecoming enough credit. It’s so much better than JOS with so much more feeling. It has every member of the band sing. The parts are 1. The Death Of Saint Jimmy (10/10) from the opening vocals to where the song explodes with guitar and drums best part. 2. East 12th Street (8/10) filled with an amazing guitar part and some different styles of music. 3. Nobody Likes You (6/10) for some reason I just don’t like this part. 4. Rock N Roll Girlfriend (9/10) amazing hilarious song by the drummer. 5. We’re Coming Home (8.5/10) great way to end the song with amazing vocals. This is why Homecoming is the greatest song Green Day’s ever written.


one of their best, I’m in love


Powerful but so punk I love it


Great song, relevant now more than ever

Kylee Clash Irish Assassins

He is my idol, I love him so much!

Andrew Parenteau



this piece of music is perfect if you like hard core music with a tiny bit of politics


I don't know how they made it out of the 90's


If one more person tells me that Green Day sold out, I will personally murder them


I've been wanting this album for a long time now. I was thinking about at work recently and decided to go through with buying it. The only problem I'm having is getting Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams to download, it's "Purchased" but it isn't in my music. It's a shame because I really love those songs. Hopefully I figure out soon.


Green Day is my favorite band because of this album. Every song is incredibly good and no other album even compares to this one. Every song is a hit on this one


Why is there a 2 dollar version of Jesus of Suburbia on here?


I don't generally review albums, but I'm making an exception for this one. American Idiot was the first punk rock album I ever listened to, Green Day the first band I loved, & was even the first album I bought for myself. This album changed my outlook on music & who I had to be. I would say without hesitation that it is the most influential album I have ever listened too. My personal favorite is Give Me Novocaine/Shes a Rebel. "Kiss the demons out of my dreams" gives me chills every time. Every song is strong in its own way, from the rock opera stories of Jesus of Suburbia & Homecoming, to the general anger of politics & what's "socially acceptable" in American Idiot & Holiday, to the sadness & loneliness of Whatshername, Wake Me Up When September Ends, & Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I highly recommend this album to anyone who hates what the current political system is (basically any American right now), someone who feels alone, or anyone who needs to just escape to a musical journey, because trust me, this album is definitely worth it.


I love green day there said it plain and clear


I just wish they wouldn't have put the songs together and make holiday and boulevard of broken dreams a album only

never stop dancing554

I love every song on this album💗👍 I was totally for buying the whole album to get holiday and boulevard of broken dreams!!! They are both so good💗👍 green day for life


Enough said!


What more can I say? This album is fantastic although I wish you could buy the individual songs and not the combined version..


Anybody else notice that, when the tracks are split like the original album, Wake Me Up When September Ends is the 11th track? I think it's cool how they did that, if it was on purpose.


One of the best songs I have ever heard. I love the song a lot. I hope you also enjoy that song and this album.


I love Green Day, and I love this album, but seriously all I want to buy off it is Boulevard of Broken Dreams. But I can't because it's combined with Holiday, and only available with the album. I will not pay $9.99 for one song from an album that I already own over half of for a track that is crappily merged with another track. Only gave it four stars for those awkward combination tracks that nobody wants.


last punk rock album

Devin is swag

Swag swag swag swag


can somebody please tell me where to find a non explicit version / why there isnt a non explicit version on here ? i cant buy explicit songs bc of parents, but american idiot and holiday etc are great. like what ?


i mean i like the songs but i want the two songs that you HAVE to buy the album for but the separate songs are just the live songs which i don't really like


My Favorite Music Genre: Punk My Favorite Punk Band: Green Day My Favorite Green Day Album: American Idiot Now, do the math or whatever logic you need to evaluate this STATEMENT, (not opinion) and unless you're battling with Abbey Road, don't you dare even try because you lost the moment you even thought about challenging.


Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Holiday are my two favorite Green Day songs. And I have to buy a bunch of other songs I don't want just to get them? That's ridiculous. No thanks.


May i ask what ? I tunes said American idiot came out in 1998 . try 2004. i just had to put that out there. It's a fantastic album


iTunes, the release date was September 20, 2004. Not that date. Seriously, fix your screw up! Please and thank you!

Not big surprise



So I have to buy the whole freakin' album just to get boulevard of broken dreams????? What a shame. I'm not gonna buy a whole album just for one song.


How they do it we'll never know.

COD:Ghost :O

Love it with boulevard of broken dreams,holiday,American idiot and so much more!


i loved it guys <3

I hate this bug fix it now

Having holiday and b.o.b.d. Linked together and album only makes me sad... But over all, LOVE IT


This is the album. Besides Dookie, of course, this is the best album green day has ever had. Listening to them growing up and idolizing over them, nobody could beat this band. Period. Through all there ups and downs and being called a "sellout" or "mainstream" will never affect my love for this band. Long live and love Green Day forever 💕


The best album in da world :3. But I do discredit what they did to a few of their songs like bobd and holiday.

josh with the face

a true idiot loves everything from 1039 to tre theyre the most amazing band out there and their still going stong

Mr. Red eyes

Nuff said...

Jake M.B.

Green Day has crafted a powerful and timeless album, simply epic in its concept and lyrics. The band have found the post-9/11 world a miserable time, and are expressing their anger towards Bush and the Establishment on powerful political anthems Holiday and the album's sassy title track. Meanwhile, they tell the stories of misunderstood kids striving for acceptance throughout the album. Jesus of Suburbia, one of the greatest songs ever written by and band, pushes the limits of a punk song in the acoustic "Dearly Beloved", and the powerful, emotional "City of the Damned". American Idiot will be admired for years to come as one of music's defining records.