Hollywood Undead - Already Dead

℗ 2019 The Hollywood Undead California Limited Partnership under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Already Dead - Single Tracklist:


Instead of “I’m already dead” should be “I’ve already won”


Volume is finally fixed so now the song can be enjoyed completely!


Updated - volume and mastering seems to be corrected! As a DJ and producer, I appreciate a clean and well mastered track. Rock songs are not typically a refined as pop or edm. Their album Five was very well done. This song is horrendous! It's super quiet and the vocals bleed together. I can't even review the actual song because the listening experience is so bad. If you want to know what I mean, play California Dreaming and right after play this song. If you do it the other way around, you'll blow your speakers.


i love HU but bruh....... this volume is a nightmare for how low it is...... crank it to 11......... us fan cannot rock tf out to your new tunes when its super silent in the volume deparment..........


Can not wait for the new album!!


I redownloaded the song to see about getting the “fixed” version. Either it hasn’t been fixed yet or the new version doesn’t sound much better. I really like the song but the sound quality is awful. I like to blast my music and “feel” the music but with this one it feels like a poor pirated YouTube download.


This recording is WAY to quiet. It comes on and it’s less than half the volume of everything g else.


Turn it up


Hi danny here. the singer of Hollywood Undead...so...the record label sent the wrong files in to Apple. It’s not mastered, so it’s quiet. it’s the sound files our producer (Matt Good) sent to the label, that they sent to the guy (Ted Jenson)that mastered our upcoming album. Someone at the label pulled a bozo move and sent in the wrong file, They said it should be fixed by the end of the day. The mastered version hopefully can be purchased for free for those that already bought it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Trust me we are so bummed this happened. So not cool. We like our music to slam


I Had these guys on shuffle and began it with this song..now I think I have tinnitus.

Eric Stacy Jr.

Turn that volume up in the mix guys


this song is so catchy and i absolutely love how unique and great the band and this song is. keep it up guys


Already Dead is just the beginning, looking forward to the new album soon!

Karlie LV

I’ve been a fan since 2014 and let me tell ya, HU have been through a lot. I love every single song and album but this song just reminds me of the old Hollywood Undead. I love it. Great work guys <3


am i the only one that notices how quiet it is? i have to turn my volume all the way up to hear it


Can't wait for the new record! Hollywood Undead Revolution <3