Santana - All That I Am

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All That I Am Tracklist:


Can't go wrong with Michelle Branch.


My favorite is “I Am Somebody”

White Andre

This must rank as Carlos Santana's weakest and most forgetable album. It is as if he was trying to remain relevant by loading it with hiphop and bland Latin pop. Hard to believe that the virtuoso who gave us such monumental works of musical art as Abraxas, Borboletta, and Blues for Salvador has fallen down so far as this.

Tonio Sheepe

This album came out 3 years after the disappointing Shaman and couldn’t be more appalling. All we have here is a Carlos Santana that has lost inspiration and became his own caricature. He was probably too amazed by his newfound success after ‘Smooth’ and the Supernatural album (1999), so he kept repeating the same formula by inviting lots of different artists, whether pop, rock or hip-hop. However, this formula doesn’t work anymore and Santana sounds like he’s the guest of his own show. It’s a fact, he’s a great guitarist, but all his work sounds so tasteless, predictable and fundamentally unbearable, abusing high-pitched notes that can attack eardrums. What can I say about the singles? « I’m Feeling You » (with Michelle Branch) is nothing but a repetition to « The Game of Love », « Just Feel Better » is a whiny power ballad sung by a Steven Tyler that already sounds has-been and « Cry Baby Cry » (that’s well-named) is an insufferable ragga number featuring Sean Paul. Conclusion: Santana is getting old and needs to retire. Will he be able to make another Woodstock-era-like album?


I don't agree with people who said I'm dissatisfied with this Cd , I think these people don't like changes and progress in Music , Santana he is smart he will never play the same music over and over if you like Abraxas you will said Santana III it's in the level or Caravanserai better than milagro, every Album has his own artistic touch related to his time...


I really love that track

Cachaol Jiang

i turely like the "i am somebody" ~~~~ and the others just so pleases me ~ : )


Just Feel Better is such an inspiring, moving song... BUY IT NOW


Pretty good. Santana isn't my favorite (I'm more of a Jimmy Page fan) but there are a lot of good tracks on here, notably Just Feel Better feat. Steven Tyler. Woo hoo!! Not something I would buy, but if you like this kind of stuff it is definately worth it.

Mega Man X7

I found this album to be a bit lacking compared to some of Santana's other works, mainly in that there was too much pop and not enough latin heat. In songs like "Cry Baby Cry," I love every one of Santana's riffs, but cringe when that awful Jamaican rap gets in the way.The best songs are Hermes, El Fuego, and Da Tu Amor; if you noticed, there is nobody to bring Santana down in those songs.


I personally am not a fan of Santana. He is a sorry excuse for a professional guitarist, compared to the many others out there. This song is more of a Los Lonely Boys song, so I give them the credit.


Just feel better with Steven Tyler is awesome

Eternal Dusk

santana is great. If you liked Shaman and Supernatural you'[ll love this one to, nuff said. Oh and yes Hes Mexican, Yes theres a song or two in Spanish that sound great, and NO English isn't an ugly language. Its mearly more subtle than others. This is a solid buy.


Im still having trouble grasping the fact that Santana isnt more popular, oh yeah thats right pop music. This is a fantastic album and I appreciate the fact that it's not all in english because english is such an ugly language.


the album is ok but the song that he sang in spanish i couldnt understand

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