Cole Swindell - All of It

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All of It Tracklist:


Kitty women 123

Great music makes me get up and dance to he’s music all the time. Great job Cole I love all of your music

Jk op

Nothin to say this is country music!

riden high

Cs u are The best Singer Ever born !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cd smirh

I love this cd You are a wonderful singer


I swear this dude try’s to make his music cheesy


I love every song on this album already, never a disappointment! Cole is amazing! UPDATE, LOVE EVERY SONG


This album is very hard to properly review. Most of it is pretty bad pop country, unlike previous albums where Cole was able to pull off a solid pop country party songs as well as ballads. This album has much less substance. Having said that, Break Up in the End is an incredible radio single and very well written song. Dad’s Old Number carries the album and will bring a tear to your eye. The One’s That Got Me Here is also a well written song, and would make a great radio single. These 3 songs carry the albums and I highly recommend them. Overall 4/10 stars, his worst overall album but Dad’s Old Number could be his best song ever.

Maddy Gorghuber

Somebody’s been drinking is the most underrated song ever!!! I’m in love! Have a listen!

All bout guns

Always has that country sound to his songs. Keep doing what you’re doing, Cole, and I’ll keep listening. 👍🍻

Steve italia

Nothing like his first two CDS. Sounds like he just threw something together.

Joey Mclune

Cole this is the best I’ve ever heard you sing. Love “Dad’s Old Number” and “Break up in the End”. Love you Cole

Tyler Polensky

I’ve been listening to Cole Swindell since day one and this is some of the best music I’ve heard. A good variety of emotions throughout the album, I definitely recommend this album to anyone that loves country music. You won’t regret buying it.


Come you are amazing! Best artist! Great album!

Garrett engler 28

Both sides of the Mississippi is my jam


Definitely not his best. His next album better step it up or this is the end of him. Also tired of every song having to have something to do with drinking or some kind of alcohol. Every song is about it or has to mention it. Alcoholic much


I’m sorry this just ain’t it


Love Cole and love the new album!


Love it


This album is absolute 🔥🔥🔥


Love all the songs, even better live. Thanks for this album and preforming it at the MO state fair!


Heard Cole sing some of these songs at the Missouri State Fair last night and it was beautiful. Pulls a few heart strings but also gets you ready to go out on a weekend with some friends. Great album!


Absolutely love this album love somebody’s been drinkin breakup in the end dads old number hits home just all and all he killed it once again so glad two years later you released a new album man your music is just so awesome loved every song on your 2016 album and love every song on this new album keep up the good work

Redneck Goob

This album hits home. Make you have feelings you don’t want at a given time.

wiz khalifa iz da bo$$

Sounds a little like pop but it’s still pretty good


Great job


Best album yet it’s 🔥


Cole, you’ve done well with this album. ‘The ones that got me here’ is one Incredible song. Break up in the end is another phenomenal song. I’m into slow songs that touch people. Good seeing you in Windsor last week.


The album is awesome and my favorite song is Dad’s Old Number & Love you Too Late


Love cole swindells music. Most of his songs are from the heart and something everyone can relate to. His songs tells a story and that’s one thing that makes music so awesome


Love cole swindells music. Most of his songs are from the heart and something everyone can relate to. His songs tells a story and that’s one thing that makes music so awesome


Amazing!! Not that I’m surprised, Cole never fails to impress.

simmer life

Your in Nicki’s way move hoe🦄


One of his best albums 🤩


You only need to listen to the previews of each song to realize this is more of the same formulaic pop country crap that Nashville so desperately needs to stop churning out.


Never fails to not disappoint. Good rhythm, and vocals. Nice to cruise to.


Awesome dude


It’s not good, maybe 1 or 2 songs but definitely not worth it


Buy sweetener




Really hits home. One of the best songs I’ve ever heard.



Country Guy4587

The rest of the released songs all sound amazing. Another great album.


Cole is seriously one of my favorite artists! Love him!


Great album! Great release for Cole! Keep up the great work! Sounds awesome!!!!


His voice and the beats


I cannot wait for this release! It’s been too long!


This album is absolutely amazing


Ich liebe diese Musik, mach weiter so, Cole Swindell, du enttäuschst niemals deine Fangemeinde, Gott segne sie