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I feel like this album has so much power and such a well put together sound. I don’t think they sold out at all. If sell outs make this kind of music, keep selling out.


Some fans talk down about this album. The lyrics are well written and there are plenty of catchy hooks and straight forward aggression. Its not my favorite against me album but it still get in the rotation.


Have always been a huge AM fan and they continue to amaze me. This album rocks!

Ratard Obama

One of my favorites

pete is stoopid

This is a great record! I have heard of this band for a while but never bothered to listen to them. But, one day last week, I was talking to one of my friends about music and he told me about the Against Me! record that he had (New Wave). I asked him to bring it to school so I can put it on my itunes. It was a good thing i got to copy it because the record is really great! I don't know why I've never listen to them before, but I'm glad I have now! Top 3 songs on the record are New Wave, Thrash Unreal, and Stop! I recomend this album to anyone who loves punk music or music in general. This record will not dissapoint!!


Against Me! is one of the few remaining punk bands around that is fairly popular and still puts out great music. Unfortunately, they have been under fire for "selling out." But, the terms of selling out aren't really clear. I don't recall them appearing in an ad that has nothing to do with music but instead a corporate message, their tours have never been sponsered by a big business, and they haven't drastically changed their style of music, let alone having guest artists that have nothing to do with their genre of music appear on their albums. Yes, they signed to Sire, (which is not even that huge of a label) but how do you expect to sell records or gain a larger fan base by selling records out of the back of a van. Plus, they had the oportunity to work with producer Butch Vig, any artist would be insane not to go for that opportunity. I bet half of those critizing Against Me! would not even know of the band unless they signed to Sire. Also, let's not forget other influential artists who signed to record companies: The Clash - CBS Records (You would not have their first record without that deal), The Ramones - Sire, Dead Boys - again to Sire. Sex Pistols- EMI, Virgin, Warner Brothers, and A&M. Did they "sell out?" To me, the "selling out" hate that has been targeted at them is just an attempt for one to prove themselves of being a true "punk." That's not what punk is about... trying to prove yourself to look good in the eyes of others, that's what a hipster does. If you're really punk you're perfectly fine with yourself and other's opinions don't matter. I've personally met AM!. They played a show literally in the middle of nowhere (Casper, Wyoming), in this shelled out pharmacy that had been converted into a concert hall. They played stuff off of Axl all the way through to stuff off of White Crosses. When the show was over the floor was covered in beer, blood, and sweat. A couple of friends and I snuck around to the back and met the band at the bus. We talked about instruments, growing up in a small town, and where they were gigging next. They all signed my copy of Axl and it was honestly the best concert experience that I've had. Long story short; Against Me! is and always has been punk, and if you don't like the band, shut the f#ck up and don't listen to the band.


great album. its the only album by them that i like. to bad its only 10 songs and all the songs are really short


For all you that think am sold out your not really thinking musically, if they kept making their rock folk style stuff from the past then the band is not growing or trying anything new, and you would just complain that the cds are all the same, instead they try new stuff to see if they like playing it or not, if you have ever played in a band for an extended period of time you know this all too well, give the artist a break because there is a reason you liked them in the first place and if you consider the album for what it is then you will realize that it is amazing


While bands like Anti-Flag and Bad Religion hit you over the head with their left-of-center political message, in this album Against Me! comes in and actually focuses on writing good, quality songs with lyrics that make sense and aren't there just to express political angst. Make no mistake, "New Wave" definitely has a point and a message, and it is best described as "earnest", but the message isn't too heavy-handed and the songs don't suffer at all for it; in fact, I would argue they are much stronger because of it. Track Picks include New Wave, Thrash Unreal, and Stop!, the best, most energetic, and by far the most danceable song on the album.


Like Rancid before them, they finally matured


It's interesting to me to note that on the left hand side of the page, 4 of the 5 most popular songs for "Against Me!" are off of this LP. ... so, why the haters? Listen to this, grow, as the band obviously did... and ENJOY the music and the message! There truly isn't anything bad on this album... and while they didn't "re-invent" axl rose, they did move their musical style and grow... don't hate it because it's not what YOU wanted, enjoy it because it's what it is... new, energetic music from a group of talented musicians! If they have moved on from "your" style, then don't listen to them anymore... but don't knock the talent and the music. It is good, it is energetic, and it is catchy, punky, and delivers a message.


for all of those fans out there who claim that this band has sold out, and that Gabel no longer stands for what he did before you're wrong. his lyrics are still as passionate and heartfelt as they were on As The Eternal Cowboy and Reinventing Axl Rose. the sounds has changed a bit from the once folk/punk they once played yes, but it doesn't mean they have sold out at all. i live in Omaha where a month ago they played a show at a bar for ten dollars a person at the door and it was one of the greatest things i've ever seen. Tom still plays every song with the same passion he did ten years ago. the reason this doesn't sound like their original stuff is because it's not, yes this band has changed direction and sounds different, but they still stand for what they once did and will never move away from that. if anything i feel nothing but gratitude for the fact that these guys are mainstream and that others finally know about them. in my heart do i wish i could have kept them to myself forever? sure, but all fans feel that way when their band makes it big, but it's something all fans have to deal with. so every one who wants to complain needs to get over themseleves and realize what Tom and this band did and have been doing for years is changing what a band should truly stand for. if you're going to complain about them selling out, save it for those who will complain with you, and not the thousands of fans like me who are happy to see them finally make it big. congrats on the success guys, and i can't wait for White Crosses.


If you love this band, don't purchase this album.


I'm not a Against Me! fan nor do I know anything about them. I first heard their song "New Wave" from a compilation CD and downloaded that and "Thrash Unreal" in RB2. I hear people saying their first album was their best and this one is different and they sold out and blah blah blah. I just think this is a great album. Artists change all the time and sometimes for worse or sometimes for better. Fans always cry and complain about it. Those who like the new sound enjoy the music and are happy. Artists also sometimes go back to their roots or don't ever go back. Like what album you like and don't like what album you like. The tracks on these CD are great and I really like the duo with "Borne On the FM Waves of The Heart". It reminds me of one from "+44". There are a few songs I don't like on this album but I like almost all the songs and that makes it a great album in my view. My best advice is to listen to this album or the past ones and decide for yourself which you like better. But don't pass up this album just because some are saying the band sold out or changed. Change isn't always a bad thing.


I really like this new album. I just found out about them through Alt Nation on XM radio. I love this entire album. I read other comments an they were all someone complaining about tgem being sellouts or someone complaining about the people who thought they were sellouts. I prefer new against me! to old, but its all good. Thrash is by far my favorite song but I also really like every song on this album!


Anyone who listened to their other albums won't like this album or the new one coming out in 2010. Very sad. It's probably about time to retire the against me! sticker off the back of my car because I don't like this band anymore. Not my style. Enjoy the new crowd of fans though because i'm sure they love it! The old against me! is dead, but I guess that's kinda of the idea they're going with so congrats.


For those of you who think that Against Me! has sold out or their music has completely gone to crap and that they've completely gone Judas on all their old fans, look at this way: Tom Gabel, (who pretty much IS Against Me!, if you didn't already know, released a solo album after New Wave entitled 'Heart Burns' which retains much of the original, awesome music and attitude that rose AM to fame in the first place. Not only that, but he also played a show in New York (within the past year, I believe) where it was just him and the original drummer from back in 97 and 98 playing a crap-load of their original songs from Axl and even BEFORE axl (like the Crime EP) and, if I remember correctly, they did the show on a small stage, surrounded by fans that were literally about three feet away from them for a ticket price of about 10 bucks, just like in the "old" days. So if you think that the band that is Against Me! has fallen hopeless, keep your faith in Tom Gabel. He'll deliver something more to your liking (most likely...well he did for me at least :D ).

vivida vis

I think that a lot of the time people mix "selling out" with "growing up". Against Me! has simply matured a lot and needed to step in a new direction. Personally, however, I still prefer their older music.

Sean is writing

This album is absolutley stellar. almost perfect, even when the term " perfect" is not a real thing. ANY and I repeat ANY mention or even then slightest hint of down playing the strength of this record because it is a "major label" debut means you are a FOOL and a COWARD. If major labels scare your failing and idiotic sense of integrity and "punk rock" then you actually shouldn't be buying the record off itunes or doing anything more than sticking to local record stores and buying random 7 inch lp splits between bands that you will probably not see anywhere else besides your friends basement. Otherwise, shut your mouth. I assure you, you wouldn't know what punk rock means if it F***ed your girlfriend in your own bed. Now that thats out of the way... Listen to how sharp and meaningful Gabels lyrics are. He is just as angry and bewildered at the fate of the human condition (especially in America) as he ever was. But he has grown up. Like everyone does. And he has poured that wisdom into those words.The rest of the band echo's this maturity, and Butch Vig is a master at his craft, and has helped pull the collective talents of these artists into one matte black package. This album is about as real as it gets.And we are all very lucky to have it.


I heard of this band when Rise Against(one of my all time favorite groups) thanked them on the album Siren Song of the Counter Culture. This band is just as passionate as Rise Against without as much screaming. If you like bands like Black Flag, and Rise Against, this is a must have. The singer also put out out a recent solo album that is worth a look if you like this bands softer work.


I saw them live in concert and i am stunned on how much better they have improved from their first albums although i like the first albums, this one rocks! When i saw them live they played songs from this album. I even got to go back stage to meet them and alll of them were average nice people who show there passion for music every day and at every concert!


Let's see, to those who think Against Me! are sellouts: I understand. To those who think AM! are not: I understand. Here's how i see it. I don't give a damn which band it is, the odds are against them that they can go 3-5 albums w/o going mainstream. These days you're lucky to get a band that doesn't sellout on the second. You will see a band progressively get more generic or suddenly switch directions. Green Day was a progressive switch to mainstream; Against Me! however, was a more abrupt change. This album IS a good generic post-punk "new wave" album, but, to me, with more heartfelt lyrics. This is purely the way i see these things. Accept change. Favorites: White People For Peace, Stop!, and Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart


if your a true fan im sure you miss the wholehearted sound of them,but its called new wave for a reason. but even though they have added a differnt twist to there music you have to admit this album is filled with great lyrics and great sound. alot of blood sweat and tears.the album is really goood.


This album is so catchy and it is also political, all the songs get stuck in your head.....

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I love every Against Me! album up until this one. I really hope their next album takes them back to their roots. There are more important things in life than money.

EitS rock

if you were a fan of previous against me! work you will not like this album more than you liked their others. It's the sad truth. people say a lot about how good they think this album is, but it isn't as good as their previous albums. previous work has more feeling and more originality, accross the board...


New Wave is a mediocre album. Simply put. There is no reason to slander the band for releasing an album on a major label or diversifying their sound (or justifying either as the official review does). However, the album simply lacks the same quality of music that their former albums have managed to convey. I listen to these tracks, and I find myself entertained for the most part, but I don't find myself believing what they are saying. The songs seem to have lost all their feeling of honesty. I have a lot of hope for Against Me! in the future, and can't wait to see them again live, but I hope that they manage to recapture the quality and honesty that charged their original music, rather than this over thought and dishonest album.


I descovered this band while looking for an Arcade Fire album.I picked it up because the cover was cool, and looked interesting. Little did I know that I would listen to this album religiously for a 1 1/2 years. Never has an album made me feel angry, but hopeful that something will change. That's what sets this record apart from other hardcore albums. Its not angry just to be angry, its more or less frustrated with the world and wanting it to change. The best tracks include The Ocean, New Wave, Americans Abroad, and Thrash Unreal. Also, people that compare this album to others is not fair. Good music is good music and shouldn't be put side by side with other work.


Against Me! is an amazing band! I recommend seeing them in concert!


When I heard Butch Vig was producing this album I thought it would be a breakthrough. I thought it could be another Nevermind. But instead we get friggin Franz Ferdinand pop-riffs, and "political lyrics" so sugar-coated they make Alan Colmes look like Malcolm X. I miss the edge guys, try not to spend all your money on blow.


terrible. this is the biggest piece of garbage i have heard in a long time. and im a huge fan of against me. i love all their stuff before this. dont buy this. dont help feed the money hungry. tom gabel obviously has no sense of morals and all the lyrics from previous albums pretty much mean nothing now. tom is obviously no longer an anarchist and more of a business man these days. he needs to remember his roots instead of wanting to be such a rock star.


"How can you start a revolution, if you're underground?" - DIG! on major label jumps The biggest problem with the punk industry or any industry involving Indie music, as Tom pointed out, is that some of the fans are so fickle as to keep them from going into the public, even if they had a reason. I know there is a reason for it, but the fascinating part about New Wave is that the band is looking at the bigger picture. After all, the major reason they wanted to get into the public isn't to make money. (After all, you can make money on an indie label, too, right?) On Searching For a Former Clarity, the band has bemoaned the unoriginal thought in mainstream music and the state of music vs. those actually listening (listen to “Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners”, “Even At Our Worst, We’re Still Better than Most” and “Holy Sh*t!” for that). So call New Wave their attempt to try and change people's thought about mainstream music forever. "New Wave" is their call to arms and a break out of the box of Independent confinement to change the state of music, before touching upon more topics from the futility of protest songs (the hilariously titled favorite "White People For Peace"), deciding where they want to take their entrance in the major industry, possibly smirking the current punk generation ("Stop"), or being a little more open about your opinions ("P*ss and Vinegar"). Take away the label choice, and you can't really see a difference (at least, not lyrically) between the Against Me! then and now. Sure, they may once have made fun of major labels (in a way, they shifted their disappointment to the artists.) But I say Against Me! took quite a risk hopping to a major label (as did the rest of the indie bands on Sire), but New Wave finds the band trying to do something that some punk bands today would be afraid to do (listen to the artists on rotation of VH1 and MTV and see why): be the punk band trying to change the major label industry.


Fantastic album for Against me

Tim Grimes loves Relient K

Guys, come on. The reviewer is right. Honestly, I love like the "old-school" punk rock or whatever, but it's just too simple. All Against Me! is trying to do is make some music that is catchy and isn't just filled with power chords. Can you blame them for wanting to be musicians?

redheaded bombshell



I have to admit that I had never heard of these guys before i went to a friends myspace page and there was only one song on it. The song was "Thrash Unreal". I instantly fell in love with the song. I am a punk rocker, but in my early youth I listened to all the 80's hair metal bands, and I have to say that that song was a great mix of both genres! Since then I bought the album and have been introduced to a whole new era of rock. Overall, LOVE THE ALBUM!


You guys are ridiculous, I love against me's old stuff and their NEW lyrics are just as genius and metaphorical, allegorical, and simply divine!!!! Old fans of against me, they do write from the heart... the heart of against me.. just has become more of a dark crevasse encircling humdrum tunes pumping lethargic acerbity into our serene pleasures of music, wwwhich primarily consisted of Old AGAINST ME! thats alll.


I know this album has split the fan base, added new ones, and simply angered others. I do not feel that this album is technically bad, but it isn't Against Me! Who else has folk punk like AM!'s old stuff? If I wanted to listen to New Wave I would just go listen to The Killers since it's essentially the same style with slightly modified lyrics. I also think everyone is reading the main review for this album and siding with the "everything has to change, everything has to progress" and think it's right because a professional wrote it. Bands progress, yes, but this band just stepped into a new genre, a very monotonous genre, and have stepped out of a very unique genre. I am upset by the album. I was outraged when I saw them on MTV while flipping through. That isn't what their music says they believe in, I would say that MTV is about as far as you can get from their self-proclaimed anarchism. Maybe if they were playing with their old record company and they released something like this, I would have a little bit of reassurance that they did this for their own reasons(I still wouldn't like it), and not for some corporation, but those notions were completely killed by seeing "Sine Records" written on the album. "We want a band that plays loud and hard every night That doesn't care how many people are counted at the door That would travel one million miles and ask for nothing more than a plate of food and a place to rest" I want that band back. Guess it's time just to turn the shoulder, wish them well and enjoy the stuff I enjoy.


Baby, they're no longer anarchists. They sold out


i dont get y people hate change so much its sometimes good for a band to change even in thi album i think stop seems like there older stuff and if u dont like dont buy i mean atreyu changed and in my opinion it was for the better i liked a few of there songs but when i got lead sails and a paper anchor i was blown away i loved all of the songs on the album so change can be good u just have to give it a chance


This album is different - not bad. Of course all of their older albums are their best, but I support Tom 100%.


So they changed to a different label. Listen to them Live, they still have it. They play alot of this album and it's great. People and bands change, accept this. These guys still have what they were about in the beginning.


this album is very good, very well-put-together, they should have the album: Searching For A Former Clarity on here i think


what happened to as the eternal cowboy and americans abroad albums?

Reinventing Tom Gabel

This was the first Against Me! album I ever got. I was in for a disapointment, but something had made them rise to fame. SO I started at the beginning. The Acoustic EP is amazing, the Crime is amazing, Reinventing Axl Rose was amazing, up until this. This was just average radio friendly crap. It would be original if there were no other punk bands, but that is not the case. Just explain this to me. You get famous for an amazing, original, passionate, angry and unique sound. So you change your whole sound and style to cater to a new audience. Why? I'm all for change, but this was change in the wrong direction. It wasn't fresh or new.


the release of this album has kept me up thinking for a long time. I cant understand how a band that was once the epitimy of idealistic musical change, the people who "reinvented axle rose" and worked to create original, freethinking music, could become exactly what, at the start of their careers, they set out to change. Even though they lost alot of originality they still put gusto into their music (even if it is not anywhere near the amount of heart in their previous albums). The day that New Wave came out we lost a truly great band.

almost skateboards are awsome

this is the best band ever, expecially the song cavalier Eternal, check it out!


to anybody about to buy this album... dont get Reinventing Axl Rose or My favorite The Acoustic EP these are amazing albums and i can listen to them tirelessly so please instead of wasting money on this "pop-punk" album get there old original folk(ish)-punk album they're amazing and you wont regret it


Against Me!'s latest creation is as impressive as all devoted fans hoped it would be. It also helps that Borne On The FM Waves (which is possibly my favorite track on this album) features guest vocals with Tegan Quin, another one of my favorite artists. I met AM at Warped Tour and was extremely pleased to find out they are incredibly cool and really kind people. They're amazing performers as well. New Wave has made a devoted fan out of me!