Santana - Africa Speaks

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If you go into it with no preconceptions, it isn't bad really. But where do they speak Spanish in Africa? Spanish Sahara? Good luck! Not much Africa here!

V will

Thank you my friend’s,Beautiful Sound “Om Supreme”

funk 57

This is old school Santana, with the voice of a Latin blues singer! She is absolutley perfect. Carlos' guitar playiing is some of the best hes done in decades. Someone or something lit a fire under him. Blowing me away. Been a fan since the very first album.


Come on Carlos, this is horrible. Can we get one great album from you? Something along the lines of ABRAXAS? Caravanserai? The last three albums are not the Santana I love

Top Jimmy

Skip the pop drek and get on with the real music. A brilliant artist/guitar player finds his inspiration and releases a gem. Thank you Carlos.


Love Carlos, but this voice is an acquired taste. And I could NOT acquire it. I was looking forward to this new music but yuck.


African music is beautiful without any twist to it and it seems that Santana wanted to make a new formula with it, but unfortunately it failed miserably. I understand Santana is into Nature, shaman, blah, blah. But this Album is simply a chaotic cacophony of instruments with no melody. Even Santana’s riffs and solos are repetitive and not well thought and lifeless. coming to Buika's voice, whom I admire when she is in her "Flamenco" genre, however, in this album she is way out of her element to the point that she is just shouting through the album in a monotonous tone that feel like being at the dentist drilling in your teeth! Simply a failed album, with NOT A SINGLE GOOD SONG. Too Bad!


The journey through this album is like a great story. I feel Santana and Buika's soul and passion. Great artistry all around. Amazing drumming.


The Bohemian raspiness of Buika voice combined with Santana has created a true masterpiece.


must listen!


I can't say I like the Santana period with Rob Thomas but there's a reason it sold as it did. Most people want to sing along to what they're listening to...and this is jazzy mumbo jumbo. I read Carlos made a big deal about Buika but I'm not a fan. She doesn't fit in and he knows it too....which is why Breaking Down The Door is the single. It's the only song with something that resembles a chorus you can sing to.


I would rather have this as an Instrumental album. I can barely tolerate this record, the female vocalist... UGH, for the love of anything Holy, be quiet. To consider her "Irritating" is being too polite. Santana's EP In Search of Mona Lisa is a masterpiece compared to this full length record.

tim bullard



I need to stand up for this album. For other long time Santana fans, like back to Lotus and before, I wanted to give you a heads up that you will love this. The music here is transcendent. It taps into the spirit of Caravansarai, but more propulsive and upbeat. Carlos plays things you have never heard him play before, and achieves the unity of world rhytyms he has reached for in the past. He sounds hungry,inspired and engaged. Some listeners have said the vocals are not be thier liking...I wonder if it's that Buika appraoches scales in a way not often heard in Western pop music. To my ear, she is a revelation. Her melodies are such that it's almost better when I don't understand the language so that I can feel her emotions though her voice alone. But it's also the crisp production and the burning performances of the other musicians that make this so special. I wasn't optimistic about this record. But wow. I am not strictly an early days snob. I loved Supernatural and some of his other "pop", but that is NOT what this is at all. This record stands as proof that Carlos belives his "mystical, one-world" philosphies, and he can better explain it to you through music.


It’s a hard pass on Buika with a voice worse than nails on a chalkboard. Make this all instrumental, please and thanks.


Once you buy album and play on good sound system, you are immediately embraced in the music. As a die hard fan of Santana, I’m glad it’s more back to the roots than Supernatural. Buika is an amazing singer once you immerse yourself in the music.


Voice is definitely irritating. Repetitious. I like Santana but that voice... Oh lordy!

Purple Rain17

Love Santana, love African artists and music from Ethiopia. Not this album. Too repetitious, voice is almost irritating. Would never buy this album or any of the songs. Africa speaks, but I’m gonna cover my ears 🙉

Kunye vest

Thank you brother Santana for returning to the tribal bohemian roots of yesteryear , the organic sound soothes the soul, the integration of pop sounds made to sale is no more. We return to gratitude and spirituality on a new frequency, expansion within the experience is a must! My brother, let the ceremony begin! Time to celebrate a new beginning, Santana expands the mind...Rick Rubin is at the helm. The creative genius of all the artist involved in this is amazing! The land is your heart, the river is your soul food, the sun is your humble, be happy...we rejoice within this offering. Forever a blessing


Loving this song! Hoping the rest of the album is as good.


Lo Amo lo amo OMG This is Buika and con Santana Love!!!!!!!

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