Adele - 21

℗ 2010 XL Recordings Ltd

21 Tracklist:


Just.....iconic. Her best album



I kill zombies 4 fun

I’m a death metal fan till I die and I approve of Adele. You go girl.


E love this album


I honestly have no words that fully grasps what this project is. 5/5


One of my other favorite album by Adele!

queen of dopeville101

ADELE is the best! No doubt about it! Her music is forever impersonated never duplicated! So I set fire! To his house! Watched it burn with him inside :>

just life i think

Personally I love the album and all the songs that are in it. As for the people who gave you a bad review, roses are red vilotes are blue I have five fingers the 3rd one is you.🖕

song ratet

A simply good voice, I love Adele’s songs.


Best album ever.


“you say” by lauren daigle is so good!!

Magazine time

Amazing album


I love these songs!!! I have listened to them since I was really little and they are the best.


In 2012 Adele dropped a peice that would last in time forever. Records like someone like you and ser fire to the rain are to die for. This album will give you comfort in times of sadness.

Trust and Us



Literally every song on this album is amazing and moving, HOW does one person have this much talent??!!


Love it!

NWA awesome⚽️

Great can you please do another tour!!!! I’m Ten years old and I love your music SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swiftie #275868094

A classic


Absolutely no complaint about this music -- I love this album & could listen to Adele all day long! However, what I do despise is the ploy to try & force people into purchasing the entire digital (MP3) version of this album by refusing to offer one song, "I Found a Boy", for sale as an individual song purchase like all the other songs on the album are offered. I hate the tasteless practice of holding one or more popular songs ‘hostage ‘ on an album, just to try & make a bigger buck off of fans or consumers by forcing them to purchase an entire album just to get the one song they want. Not to mention that when this album 1st came out 9 years ago & I ordered/purchased a hard copy (disc form)of this Adele (21) CD to play in my car (and yes, people were still very much buying CD’s 9 yrs ago!), after receiving the CD I was both shocked & greatly disappointed to find that the song "I Found a Boy" is notably missing from the CD itself. After seeing the song “I Found a Boy” clearly listed on the very same album’s track list through iTunes (which is where I first listened to the song & fell in love with it), I like many others naturally assumed that the CD version by the exact same name would have all the same song tracks as displayed on iTunes (which is pretty standard)& so I felt very cheated & like I had been swindled using an unethical sales tactic of ‘bate & switch’. After all, people who bought the actual CD (hard disc) did, in fact, purchase the entire album too — only someone decided it would be cute to cheat those customers out of receiving one of the popular songs on the album & actually sell them an album with one less track on it than the digital version of the exact same album has. It’s like buying a great new pair of sneakers, only to discover one of the shoelaces are missing once you get them home. Of course, in that analogy, you can just go get a replacement pair of shoelaces, but here it is 9 years later & I still can’t just purchase the dang single of “I Found a Boy” without re-purchasing the entire album all over again in digital form that I’ve already purchased in CD format! C’mon Adele! Is that any way to treat fans of your music? Although I have purchased a few different digital Adele singles over the years, I’m simply never going to give into this type of unethical sales tactic of forcing people to buy an entire album in order to get one song. And quite frankly, I’m surprised that Adele would allow this practice on her albums, as I thought she grew up with limited means if I’m not mistaken. And if that’s true, I would think she would want all of her songs accessible for purchase to all of her fans regardless of their income, and be mindful that not all of her fans may be able to afford to purchase an entire album as some people struggle — just a thought. Look, I will always love Adele’s voice & I will continue to be a fan of her songs & music — but I will avoid purchasing music from any artist who insists on holding popular songs hostage in order to make full album sales, or who doesn’t include all of their song tracks on all the album formats that are available. Artists need to remember — there are plenty of other musically talented fish in the sea for buyers to purchase from. So no matter how great you sing or how wonderful your album is, always treat your customers right & don’t play games — Fame is fleeting. But overall, except for this one very infuriating issue, this is a really a great album — especially the complete album w/ all the tracks included (the digital version).

Simpson fanatic

Thank you Adele for blessing us with your music!!!


The lyrics display a seldom heard vulnerability and maturity. A true masterpiece that will be listened to for ages.


After 2008 “Hometown glory” and all that stuff, Adele made her most catchiest and exciting album ever!!!! Adele, you really are great gift to modern generation music.

Adriana M. Hillstrom

I love Adele. I think she’s absolutely amazing. I am not a fan of her music though.

The €_ God



This album is one of the fewest albums that made a change to pop music

Lyla Mio


Princess Meem 💖👑

This album is iconic in the 2010s. Someone Like You, Turning Tables, and Rolling in the Deep are my favorites. Go Adele!! 💕

top reviews guy

C’mon really.


this album is just... spectacular. nothing comes close to it.


I just realized all the songs I like most from Adele are in this album. I did rumor has it for the talent show in like second grade. Brings back memories from grade school


I heard that Adele had a voice injury


I love Adele so much!! She makes amazing music and has such a talented person! 😊


Makes you feel like there is nothing else but music. Extremely beautiful and amazing power that lures you in to the music. Great music and will definitely not be forgotten.


I love the songs though they are long but I like long songs and I now Adele would love this comment and if she sees this I just want to tell her that she is an inspiration in my life to be so good at singing and I love to daydream about these songs and a future me singing them.I love you Adele just in case you didn’t know keep on with the great work. Love your true and loyal friend 💗 P.S. I can’t buy this album because I used all my money off of my iTunes card so sorry but I know other people will support you because your awesome keep on rocking Adele 😎🥰😁



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awsome the best music ever


OH MY GOD ADELE I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I HAVE SOOOO MANY QUESTIONS TO ASK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jayla plays

I love Adele and all of her songs. I mainly listen to set fire to the rain


Excellent!!! I could kick myself for not having reviewed this album sooner!


Don’t mean to purchase this song

Adele Murphy

Beautiful Voice


Hey girl FaceTime please let me know thanks love you so much girl see you tomorrow Monday please thanks love you so much girl see you tomorrow Monday



# I❤️❤️❤️ Adle

Adle has always had better music than any other song writers ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

lille ahern



This album has most of the classics of ADELE. I also own the CD which is just the same clarity of iTunes


When I was 2 my first song I knew all The words to was rumor has it. I am 9 years old and my name is Maya .


I can’t believe her shaky voice made it to record. SMDH