Idina Menzel - Acoustic - EP

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Acoustic - EP Tracklist:


Incredible voice! These songs are so powerful and positive . Great tunes for the whole family!


Idina is just pure talent. I've been addicted to her ever since I saw her in wicked live. Luv this album!!!!!


Idina Mendel is my ultimate role model. She is living my ultimate dream on broadway and is awesome at it. Such a beautiful voice. She is so talented!


Her accoustic version is clearly better then the orginal I Stand album. Her voice is meant to be live, not edited like all les powerful singers. Idina truly has a voice worth watching out for.


Idina is possible my favorite broadway star of all time, she rocks and has an amazing voice!


Idina Menzel never fails to impress me. Her voice is very very unique. She's no Celine Dion, but her voice can carry a message and deliver it. Her voice will move anyone who's willing to listen. These are four great acoustics to four great songs. I cannot wait for her next project:)


All of these show off Idina's voice so much better than the originals. Not that the original album isn't great, but these are well worth the $3.96.

Cathy Loves Broadway

I saw Idina in concert last night at The Klein in Bridgeport, CT. She was amazing. Wonderful vocals with songs from her latest album as well as Rent and Wicked. If you get the opportunity, see her in person.


I never really liked the original version of Gorgeous, but I loved the Re-mixes especially Red on the rooftop remix. It was the most dancable and "Power Techno" or "Anthem" style version. I really love the acoustic version of this song, and I now see it in a different light and it's goooood! I have the Brave Acoustic from I Stand, love it... Better To Have Loved Acoustic has is strong points and it's weak points... It seems she has more emotion in the regular version where as this version it sounds like she's seranading an audience of recently dumped people and trying to put a musical/vocal bandaid on their emotional wounds, NOT BAD IN ANY WAY AT ALL, cause if you did get dumped this is a great "re-bound" song to recover and get yourself back into the dating scene again. All in all this is just my thoughts and has the best intentions possible and I mean no "ill-will" in any way shape or form. GO IDINA SHE ROCKS! Check out my iMix, iDINA iNVICTUS... I love it and hopefully you will too!!! :)


she has a spectactular voice!!!!! she should totally be on the top of the charts!!

All You Need Is Luv

For allowing us to buy her acoustic versions <3 I love them so much more than the originals! I didn't think these songs could get any better, but when you strip away all the fluff (background, synthesizers), it does get better.


idina has an unquestionably amazing voice -- but the good ends there. i think that her writing isn't nearly as great as her vocals are, and i think it's kind of weird that an acoustic EP is so polished an edited sounding. my personal taste is more raw live sounding music, and i expected that from an album titled "Acoustic," especially since idina menzel is amazing live -- i.e. her insane Broadway career. I just don't think this EP really showcases her talent the best that it could, or that any album could.


I just love these Acoustic versions of Idina's best songs. she really shows off her passion of music and does not let you down, she never does! In order from favorite to least favorite would be Better To Have Loved, I Stand, Gorgeous, and Brave. Good Job Idina!


what can i say?! DAMN!!! this girl can sing!!!


Thank you so much Idina! Your voice is great and these are my 4 favorite songs off of "I Stand." I can't wait for much much more!!!


The acoustic versions of the songs are completely amazing. If you loved the original album, you'll be sure to love this version!!! Great job Idina! We all love you! (P.S- Idina, if you ever read this, I want to say you were AMAZING at the LA concert! We all loved the encore! We're sad the tour has ended.... but we hope to see more from you!)

Elphie : )

I really wish she would make a whole cd like this, becuase the songs are so difrent this way there simple and beautiful. but the best song Is georgeous its so difrent I couldent even tell what song it was when I listended to it in the begging : D


I really love these songs sung with just a piano. It's much more raw and lets Idina's voice shine/


These songs were all phenomenal on her album, and now the acoustic versions are just as phenomenal. I Stand is definately the best of the bunch... it's perfect. So pretty. Get it.


Idina has the most powerful voice in all of Broadway and her solo albums were fantastic and I Stand was so inspirational and I thought that in no way could those songs be better... I was wrong! Idina is amazing in every way possible and these acoustic versions show innocence yet power and just everything a song could be. Thank goodness she's not one of those bubblegum pop singers that sing the opposite of their normal voice! She sticks true to her work and her voice, and it shows! Thank you itunes! And itunes, can you put Idina's new music video for I Stand (acoustic) up please? Alot of other sites have it, but you dont!!!?? And can you get her other CD from a couple years ago, Here, on this please? Everyone would buy it!!


these acoustic tracks really accentuate her incredible full-bodied voice! she never fails to leave me absolutely speechless! LOVE.IT period.


I wanted the acoustic version of Brave when it came out on her CD but itunes didn't sell it seperately. Now I can get it! yay!


I would give an individual review for each song, but they would each be 5/5 stars! I love these songs and the acoustic versions make them even more beautiful. Idina ROX!


I really really love this woman! She has an amazing voice, fantastic actrss, and just a real human being. I love Idina Menzel! Get these acoustic versions of these great songs, and also get her album I Stand


I love Idina!!! She has an amazing voice, and she is such an inspiratonal person and a wonderful role model. I've listened to the I Stand CD more times than I count, and I am soooooo happy that these acoustic versions were released. They are so beautiful and they really demonstrate how powerful her voice is :D. DEFINITELY a must buy!!!


her album "i stand" is so refreshing. idina writes/co-writes all of her songs -which is seemingly more rare these days. the acoustic versions of those songs are just as amazing, with a more raw and vulnerable side to them. well done!!!


The acoustic bonus tracks were some of the best songs on Idina Menzel's latest album, I Stand. To be able to listen to all of the tracks without buying all of the different versions of the album is a wonderful privilege. In these versions of the beautiful songs, Menzel shows off her stunning voice, without the distraction of synthesizers and back-up vocals. If you even have the slightest inclination to check out this EP, certainly do. You won't be sorry.


Idina's whole album is absolutely gorgeous. Her voice is such a knockout and so amazing, and the acoustic versions of these songs are simply beautiful. I've listened to her album so many times, the music is just so beautiful and inspirational to me. :D


These songs are beautiful and it is wonderfull that all of the extra songs from the various incarnations of the original cd are now available individually. Buy them ALL!!


As if Idina's newest album, "I Stand" wasn't amazing enough; now we have a few of the best songs, acoustic! She sounds better than ever and this album is definitely a must for any fan! :D


Idina Menzel has one of the most spectacular voices to hit broadway and i am really excited that she is taking another step in her still growing career. Her voice is a powerhouse and these songs are great showcases for it. my theatre department is obsessed with her and it's very easy to see why

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