Daryl Hall & John Oates - Abandoned Luncheonette

℗ 1973 Atlantic Recording Corp. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Abandoned Luncheonette Tracklist:

Freeky Deeky

Amazing record before they became “H&O” the hit machine and MTV video stars. Any H&O fan must start their collection with this one. Great backing musicians, superb songwriting and production and of course...the incredible blend of their voices. Underrated and unappreciated, this is the one that catapulted them. Buy it!


Probably their best album. Songs run from really good to really great.


Hall and Oates hit their creative peak on this early effort. Pop, soul, jazz all in a mature progressive package. Sonically and lyrically challenging, this short collection does not have a wasted note. The writing is sophisticated and the musicianship and production, by the legendary Arif Mardin, is exceptional. Everything from the Warholish cover art to the manic fiddling on the final cut is trend setting.


This is by far my favorite H & O album along with Big Bam Boom. I wish they had done more like this but I don’t think they could’ve done any better!


I wonder if I can get my hands on the record.


Their second studio album. She’s Gone and Abandoned Luncheonette are my favorites


This album turned me on to Hall & Oates. It was a perfect blend of melodies, harmonies, lyrics and musical blending. I wish they maintained more of the style revealed in this album.


This album defined my youth. "When The Morning Comes" is still one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME.


This album for me is synonymous with my college years at Ursinus. I first became familiar with H&O when a friend came back from an Elton John concert and raved about this opening group that was the highlight of the concert. For weeks, you couldn't walk through the dorm without hearing the album coming from multiple rooms. And the abandoned luncheonette itself was just a few miles down the road. Yep, the luncheonette pictured on the cover was near Pottstown, sitting lonely off the road, abandoned and overgrown just like pictured. Those were good times ... and this is still one of my favorite albums ... and yes, I still have the original vinyl.


If you only know Hall & Oates from their big hits (aside from the essential "She's Gone") in the late 70's and early 80's you owe it to yourself to check this out. It sounds alot like something McCartney or Rundgren would make, it's very soulful pop. "When The Morning Comes" and "Las Vegas Turnaround" should have been big hits.

Sonic Satori

An AMAZING record, and if you're a fan of Hall & Oates, and you don't own this - GET IT NOW. Produced, and arranged by the legendary Arif Mardin (who not only won many Grammies, but also a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award) - this is an amazing blend of super-talented people, getting together and making music for the soul.


love love love them! These songs bring back so many great memories...I wish my kids could grow up with great lyrics that they could sing and remember well.

Salty Bill

Wonderful album with distinctive "soft-rock" songs and soulful flair. A pleasure to listen to on your JBLs on a weekend morning. Enjoy!


This one one of the earliest and still one of their best ever. Caught them on HDNET concert at the Troubadour and they played a few of these great songs. Still have my vinyl copy and this is a must for every H&O afficiando.

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