Marc Anthony - A Quién Quiero Mentirle (Salsa Version)

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A Quién Quiero Mentirle (Salsa Version) - Single Tracklist:


Me yega


This is what's wrong with the salsa genre. Lifeless vocals accompanied by lifeless arrangements. I will acknowledge that Marc has a great voice, even if it's not geared toward Salsa dura, he could've done a hell of a lot better that this half-arsed effort. Horrible. This is not salsa. Great if you're trying to fall asleep. And all of you who say this is true salsa, you apparently have never heard "Real" salsa before. Check out Don Perignon or the Giants of Latin Jazz for a sampling of "Real" salsa.


I loved it when I first heard it on iconos now I love it even more in Salsa!

Vic el tazz

His the best salsero of the last 10yrs everything he record is gold

Chris os

New matarial please


i've been waiting for him to do something new..Finally!! hope there is more to come.. Mari


His older albums are holding my 4th star up there, but Marc.... C'mon man! Reinvent yourself. Its to similar. I have every album & will keep buying whatever you put out but i miss the flare. This song sounds like it was recorded on one BORING try. No PIZAZZZZZ! Challenge the band again, work that vocal register, & for our sake.... DONT PUT JENNY ON YOUR ALBUM!!! Still the greatest. (of our time)!


Marc is amazing and this salsa version of his song is another example of his talent, passion and love for salsa music. He really needs to get back to touring. His fans miss him something terrible! Nice song to dance to. Love it. His vocal skills are unmatched by anyone! Perhahps the best since Frankie Ruiz. Come on Marco Antonio get back out there where you can feel the love of all your fans!!!! Sheck it out baby.

Frank lampar

No tiene talento.


Marc you are perfect me encanta tu musica defunitivamente eres el mejor salsero sigue con la salsa no pares please

Papi Santana



stand back as Marc shows everyone how it's done


Like everyone else has stated, no passion. The vocals are there but if the passion isn't why put out a cd?


<3 Marc Anthony!!


I agree with Alfonso, The arrangement is predicable and at times it sounds like so many other MA songs. His voice is still there but the passion is not, at least not on this song.


I'm Completely Disappointed with this song, I Mean After 3 years since your last salsa cd this is the best you can do,you really need to go back to the drawing table. Don't get me wrong you're still one of the best vocalist out there, but there's no passion on this song, I hope this new album really changes the way I feel about your hunger for this genre of music anymore.


Me gustan todas sus canciones. Especialmente esta cancion en balada. Pero salsa es su especialidad!!!


this is what true salsa is ! marc anthony did it again and is back. Best vocals around and best Salsero!!


Marc, I have been listening to you for years and have gone to many of your concerts. Please, Please make another english CD. I will be the first one to purchase it!! You are amazing.


This song is AWESOME... He has the best voice in the tropical genre and in almost all the genres. Can't wait for his new album to come out :)

Finger Cell Music Group

...Marc's first Salsa of the year! It's good to hear from him in this genre, again. Still, one of the best vocalists of our time on ANY level. Welcome back!