A Great Big World - Is There Anybody Out There?

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Is There Anybody Out There? Tracklist:

Trust and Us


Ben Kenon

Somewhere between the layers of auto-tune, over-production, studio musician and filler songs are the seeds of like, two good songs. But because neither vocalist can sing without pitch-correction turned up to 11 nor write a decent song without at least one other person in the room (not to mention the overly-cutesy way the songs are presented) the end result is an embarrassing mish-mash of faux-wokeness and shambolic 2010s pop. Take “Everyone Is Gay,” for example. When they sing about being bi and assert “you’ve got so many options, every fish in the sea wants to kiss you” (followed by a kissy sound), it strikes me as a rather glib presentation of a very shallow interpretation of human sexuality. The song is offensive on its face. But the real reason I’m writing this, nearly a decade after hearing this album, is the execrable “Say Something.” If there has ever been a more plastic, phony concoction of vague sentiment and pretended compassion designed, as if in a laboratory, to appeal to teenage girls looking for a good cry, I have not heard it. Is it about mental health? Someone watching a loved one struggling with an eating disorder? A breakup? A dejected 13yo amusement park attendee who has been waiting to ride a roller coaster for 6 hours and is finally walking away? It’s about whatever you want it to be! There is literally no meaning to the lyrics. Take a look: “Say something, I’m giving up on you I’ll be the one if you want me too Anywhere I would have followed you Say something, I’m giving up on you... And I will swallow my pride You’re the one that I love And I’m saying goodbye” It’s about nothing but stringing words together in a way that sounds sad in order to juice spotify plays. That’s it. And a decade later I have to hear this mawkish pop ballad any time I leave my house, whether I’m at the office or the grocery store. It’s still all over tv, any time a sad scene requires music with no little meaning. It’s like sad wallpaper, hanging in someone else’s house. If it were up to me, A Great Big World would be banished to Siberia for crimes against humanity. Here’s hoping the paychecks from this album are big enough to discourage them from putting out any new music.


Say something is sad


Say something is so sad because I watched this rescue video from this channel called hope for paws and they were trying to save this dog named Dennis but he didn’t make it he was too weak😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭and it was the song playing the whole time.(also can I note say somthing is super sad I feel like it’s about sombody dieing)


I absolutely love this song. It makes my heart feel.....well you know, it’s hard to explain. Personally I live it with Christina. It is absolutely beautiful. I have anxiety and surprisingly it doesn’t trigger it, but it helps me know that I’m not the only one suffering. On YouTube, there is this channel called “Hope for Paws”. They are an amazing group of people that save abandoned, abuse, homeless pets, any animal. Search up “Hope for Paws, Dennis”. It is sad. But the song just makes me feel better. I know Dennis the sick pit bull is in a better place, and is loved. I know he is relieved of his pain and suffering, because of God and Heaven. It brings tears to my eyes that people misuse animals. I highly recommend watching, subscribing, donating, and sharing Hope for Paws. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for reading this. I know I kind of went off topic, but this song really reminds me of Hope for Paws and Dennis. Thank you. We don’t deserve pets. They are amazing. It’s sad how people mistreat them. Okay, sorry, I’m a HUGE animal lover and it makes me sad, but long story short, this song is amazing. Again thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a good day, you aren’t alone, and people love you💜💜💜

Ally Humohreys

This is the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!


The world really needs this song now


“Everyone is gay” is flipping awesome. 👍🏻 Good job (at least me) making people feel like they can come out without having to be scared to. 👌🏻👌🏻


I really liked Say Something so I decided to listen to the other songs. They’re all good! ALL! But the one to stick out to me is You’ll Be Okay. It’s definitely my favorite.

mrs moody booty

I don’t wanna love somebody else is the best and my favorite song I can relate too it so much y’all are amazing the vocals are great by the way can’t stop listening to it


I love all the songs in this album Rockstar is my favorite one out of all of them and if you're considering buying this album I wold definitely say yes to buying it ^^


I love this album but my fav song is rockstar


Wow every track on This album is amazing. The talent is definitely here. Rockstar 10/10 Land of opportunity 10/10 Already home 10/10 I really want it 10/10 Say something (without Christina) 10/10 You'll be okay 9/10 Everyone is gay 9/10 There is an answer 9/10 I don't wanna love somebody else 8.5/10 This is the new year 8.5/10 Shorty don't wait10/10 Cheer up! 9.5/10 Say something (with Christina) 9/10


Didn't expect to like it as much as I did.


I love every song by A Great Big World! Just bought my favorite, Already Home. Also, this isn't for the single with Christina Aguilera, it's for A Great Big World. I love them!


I happened to hear their latest single on hitbound and fell in love with the music. So glad to have something new to listen to!


Beautiful song.


Am I the only one who thought the guy from Death Cab for Cutie created yet another side band when first hearing their music? Just me?? Ok.


I love Christina so glad they have her in say something great new band


It's sound is a little childish. Something I would imagine hearing on nickelodeon, or something of that nature.


I like all of these songs I want them to make a new album. I know everyone loves say something but that's my least favourite (although I still love it).


That 5th star was taken because the "everyone is gay" song made me sick to my stomach.


I love this album !!! Especially "already home"


I think I broke my repeat button by clicking it too many times with this album.. The only thing I don't like about this album is that when I'm in school (being a choir tenor kid that's not afraid to sing in front of people) I can't help but bolt out "IM SAILING AWAY!" or "IF ONLY NEW YORK WASNT SO FAR AWAY!" In class, and I've gotten in trouble so many times for singing when everything is quiet.. I've even gotten told that I can't listen to music if I'm going to sing.. Man.. I CANT HELP IT THE SONGS ARE JUST TOO GOOD!! Ok, sorry I'm probably not even being relevant to anything.. Gosh I just love it so FREAKING much! 😍😍😍😍

Lyric Fortune

Do your songs sound like how I feel & say my thoughts better than I can? I adore your lyrics & vocals but they undress me and make me feel so vulnerable. I'm a big fan of "A Great Big World" & I wish you continued inspiration and success!


Some songs can really get me going, you know? Well, these guys and their sadistic Say Something got me going and it stopped since it started. Every time I hear that song on the radio, on the television, on whatever, I cry. Not because it touches me due to some similar experience. But because it makes my ears bleed approximately 5 mL of blood and because it makes me lose all faith in humanity. God bless this song. Because it needs some JESUS!


I love this song! This song helps me get through my long distance relationship with my boyfriend. I feel like the words are just so perfect and at times describes our relationship to a tee. I also like the melody of the song. This song gets stuck in my head all the time and it just makes me happy every time I hear it on the radio. I think anybody in a long distance relationship should listen to this song whenever they are sad or miss their significant other. I am a huge fan of this music and I cannot wait for more songs to come out.

Megan Colvin

I have a special place in my heart for this group and I'm so happy that they're finally getting the recognition and game they so deserve. Their songs are filled with joy and pain and emotion. I wait on bated breath for then to release new stuff and whenever they do, I'm never disappointed. This album is so good and I'll be here waiting for the many great ones to follow.


i love this song!


Just discovered this album today - wow. Say Something never really appealed to me because I tend to stay away from slow songs. Then I heard Rockstar and was so drawn in by the scene it depicted for me. Listening to this album strongly reminded me of a musical - a deep yet funny, memorable soundtrack that makes me want to see it on Broadway, because the story that Is There Anybody Out There? tells is a good one. The songs were cleverly woven together and felt, for the most part, smooth and connected. They make me think, they make me smile, and most importantly, they make me imagine.


Say Something is such a beautiful and strong song. I love both versions, But the one with Christina's vocals makes is much stronger.

Eric Voyten

Best Song Ever!!!!!!!!!!


Overall, the album is okay. I absolutely love their hit single and heard a couple of their other songs on Pandora so I decided to go ahead and buy the whole album. That was a mistake, and I wish I had previewed all of their songs. The album is extremely disjointed, with a couple of beautiful, instrumental, songs like Say Something, and then these random, awful songs where they sound like they're talking over circus music. Everyone is Gay is one of the worst songs I have ever heard and will promptly be deleting it from my library. Whoever is the lead on that song and several others does not have good vocals, and you'll be able to tell the difference, as the other vocalist has a much better voice on other songs. There's a couple catchy songs that are decent, but I would hesitate before buying their music again. Again, just not sure how they can be so instrumentally sophisticated and yet so juvenile. My advice is to buy the songs you like, not the whole album, it's not worth the $9.99.

Mamma to daughter

This is the only thing I can think of left to say to my beautiful baby girl who chose to die on drugs I couldn't fix the pain in her life but I know she will rest in peace with god


I just love this album. The melody and lyrics of "Say Somehting" caught you first but then the rest of the album just brings you to a higher level. The musicality is just wonderful. I hope this is just the beginning of this duo.

Jacob Gunther

Love all the songs. Great!

Sonic dash awesome

I guess that moat of the songs are good. I was hesitant on some of the songs but u have to give it a shot.


I saw them in concert at the music festival Firefly and they were soooo good!! I'm a HUGE fan now! I have to say, say something is one of my least favorites, to depressing although I do like it better than many many other songs so it's not bad. I LOVE THEM!!


literally I love this so much


The entire album is awesome. I stumbled upon the group by hearing one of their songs on the radio. They do not disappoint in any of the songs they perform.


I absolutely love this album! Every song on it is so different, and so amazing. A personal favorite is "Already Home," but A Great Big World really knocks it out of the park with each song!

Dean Will

I have listened to this album now several times…all if it. This album was not done for Christina but for the duo "A Great Big World". They are fantastic with or without her. I have listened to both and appreciate both versions of "Say Something" but frankly, the entire album speaks to me. True some shout at me but that's just me. I highly recommend this album.


Amazing songwriting skills


This is a beautiful album filled with positive and powerful messages. The album sends a great theme of happiness and acceptance to today's audience. Kudos to A Great Big World for creating a such a brilliantly positive message through music!

yo child

I had listened to their song say something before it became popular as well as this is the new year. When the album came out it became OBSESSED! I love Rockstar and it's probably my favorite.


if you enjoy great music, you will enjoy this album (-:


I love this song, so much like my situation!! So true of so many relationships! Bravo!!! Love it with or without Christina!!

Decades Queen

I love that these songs all have a romantic theme. I love the “already home” song and video. I love that the video stars Vanessa from Gossip Girl. I am also a huge fan of “say something.” That song makes me cry when ever I hear it, i can’t get enough of it!

Marty Mar 3

People are talking about how great Christina is, she’s no! Sorry, and its just my opinion. These 2 guys have a talent, i’m glad they chose to do a collaboration with her but its not about her so let’s focus on them. This is a great album and the instruments are phenomenal. Give it a listen to the whole thing and you’ll see what i am talking about.


I freaking love ALL the songs on this album! I have had this album has been on repeat all day!