Pink Floyd - A Foot In the Door: The Best of Pink Floyd

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A Foot In the Door: The Best of Pink Floyd Tracklist:


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I don’t get all of the hate for this compilation. I know it isn’t fully comprehensive and is only 16 tracks and is missing some great songs. What’s important is what’s here and it’s their biggest hits. Diehard fans won’t like this collection but it’s not really made for them. It is perfect for casual fans though.


If anything, this collection shows the folly of even trying to make a Pink Floyd best-of album on one disk. It's got a lot of obvious, well-known songs (many of them of course great) on it, but it doesn't even begin to cover the band's diversity. Nothing from Piper, Meddle or Animals. No Us and Them, Sorrow, Meddle or Astronome Domine. One Syd track only. Only one of their epic side-length songs, and that's heavily shaved down. If you listen to FM radio, you already know most of these songs. It would be best title 'The Most Obvious of Pink Floyd.' My best recommendation is to pick up Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here and go from there... but if you really want a compilation that gives a decent idea of the band's career and more left-field stuff, go with 'Echoes' instead.

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The world would be a much better place if everyone listened to Pink Floyd.

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This collection of "best of" Pink Floyd is not very good.Buy Pink Floyds albums.This greatest hits collection only has songs from Dark Side of The Moon and afterwards (Except for See Emily Play that's early Pink Floyd).I enjoy all these Pink Floyd songs though it's just that all Pink Floyd songs are great.If you are just getting into Pink Floyd buy Dark Side Of The Moon,The Wall,Animals,Atom Heart Mother,or Wish You Were Here. Don't buy this lame rip-off.

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Buy all their studio albums because mostly all of their songs are good. 🖕🏻


For anyone to say this is the “Best” of Pink Floyd means they CERTAINLY know nothing about the band and their catalog!!!!! There are a few good, couple great, and many LOUSY songs here! Oh, A&R people! You know Nothing….not even The Return of the Son of…NOTHING!!! No True fan or band member would EVER approve of this!!!!! A Foot in the MOUTH!!!

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