A Day Away - Touch Me Tease Me Take Me for Granted

℗ 2006 Various Artists

Touch Me Tease Me Take Me for Granted Tracklist:


but these people are sooo good! this is sorta pop/rock/alternative genre-wise these are the people you wish became famous!


Not to say that their tunes arent catchy, but they lack diversity from other bands.


sounds like a band but idk who?


i have loved a day away from the start every song is catchy and the vocals are AMAZINGGGG!!! theyre a really good band i know i will buy their songs.


Wow a day away is so amazing...i love their music, its at the top of my list for sure!!! This album is so good along with here we go again, i have not stopped listening to them since the first time i heard them!!! Their music never gets old and annoyin like other songs do. Well take the advice buy the albums!!!! PEACE


as soon as i heard this i fell in love! its great! awsome lyrics and great beats =D i love it! BUY!!!!! =D =]


this is an amazing band, amazing sound, amazing lyrics, its hard to find a band that can cause each song to flow into another one and keeping a theme yet making every song different. great success, koudos


This group of guys really show their passion for music, not only on stage but in the quality of their work. Great songs full of catchy beats and melodic surprises. Highly recomended!!!


This band is pretty sweet. I found them on purevolume by chance and was blown away. The only other band I like from Missouri that is this good is Echo the Sky. Keep up the good work guys


a day away's pretty dang sweet, not ganna lie. plus, blake's my brother's best friend :]


The lead singer's vocals are AMAZING!! I LOVE A DAY AWAY!! they are my heros=]

Evan Larson's iTunes


Nate`s babygurl

I got this cd from a camp b4 it was avalible 2 anybody else i`m glad u guys made it "ROCK ON"


These guys are AMAZZZZZING!!!!!!!! I Love the song "Touch me tease me" Its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This album hones in on Jake's vocals with complementing guitar riffs. "Leave a Message", "Touch Me Tease Me", and "Before It Ends" are easily the best on the cd. Highly recommended for fans of Valencia, The Friday Night Boys, Rufio, and the like.

Power City

i love this band. but to be honest, they sound like so many other bands out there. there music is good, but i love when i listen to a song and its exciting, new and fresh, and a day away (in my opinion) doesn't have that. It's not a bad album to buy, but its not the greatest stuff i've ever heard.

so wrong, its kate

i LOVE a day away. i saw them play live a few months ago, because they were playing a small show with my friend's band, & instantly fell in love. their songs are catchy, and the lyrics are perfect


This band is honestly just another overated powerpop/rock band that all the popular kids find fun and entertaining but the honest truth is the music is not written well at all. The lyrics are poorly written. They don't have character or any sort of punch to them. The beats and rythmns are used over and over again just with different chords. This cd has become old to me just like this band. Yea they might sign someday with a label but only to be covered up by the other 5,000 different pop/punk bands just like them.


Frank is my high school English teacher's son. She played this album in class. It's amazing. And he's soooo incredibly hot. Just don't tell his mom. XD

nessuno 05

I absolutly LOVE this band and this album. I've been waiting for them to be up on itunes for months. Everyone should buy this album because every song is different and great. My personal favorites are #2- parking lot romance, #3-touch me tease me, #5-before it ends, and coldest night- both versions of this are really good, and the piano version is really pretty... so BUY THE ALBUM!!!!

Abby Hirn

it's got potential...potential to be ahmazing. potential to possibly be a revolution. i just dont know yet.


WOW! im so happy that a day away is on itunes now. i had to buy the CD before. I guess i should have waited just a little bit longer. But this really is an awesome CD and i cant wait for the next one to come out!


their music is so good and all the songs are catchy and good. i cant stop listening to it. definitly one of my favorite albums of all time


This album is awesome, kudos to the band A Day Away they are now my favorite band. Every song is catchy, quick, and leaves the lyrics in your head until you listen to them again. I've played this cd over and over again and the best songs with awesome lyrics are; Coldest Night, Take Me for Granted, Touch Me Tease Me, Parking Lot Romance, and Leave a Message... I could list the whole cd- buy this album you won't be disappointed.

THe RoXtAr

this album rox! it was recomended to me and i checked it out and i luv it!


good job guys. it was great meeting you at 2100. good luck in the future.


This band is great. It's a perfect example of how powerpop/rock music should be like. the lyrics are also really great. i live in the same state as this band, and i have to say-i havnt heard any other bands from right around here turn out to be this great.


I know these guys personally, since I live around here, and I just have to say that for them to finally be out on iTunes is fantastic. They have a GREAT album under their belts and seeing them live and then hearing them on a CD is a fantastic transition...even though live is purely brilliant. If you haven't boughten this CD yet then it's a must have!!!!!! BUY A DAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!


Finally this album is released on iTunes! A truly phenomenal cd from start to finish. I'm just a lil confused as to why Track 11, (which should be Major Tom) is not on the album anymore and is replaced with another version of Coldest Night. This is probably the only problem with this release since Major Tom was a great track, but its still a solid album. I love all the songs on TMTMTMFG, but my super top faves would have to be ; Touch Me Tease Me, Leave a Message, So Like You, Go Back.., Coldest Night, and She Needs To know. Everyone out there needs to take a listen to this band because they are so talented and their music is addictive. Even if you can't buy the entire album, just purchase one track, you won't regret it. I can't wait till this band gets signed in America and takes off.. it's a shame they haven't already..but over time I know they'll be successful. Amazing Album! I'm looking forward to more from these guys.


i love "touch me tease me" i heard it on purevolume and always checked to see it on itunes...and i was excited when it was haha


This album is amazing. I see these guys every chance i get when they are in my town which is a lot since they are from springfield. I love it!!! good job guys, see you at the next show!!


Every song on this cd is great and you will enjoy listening to it over and over again. "Parking Lot Romance", "Touch Me Tease Me", and "Coldest Night" are the highlights of the cd. The piano version of "Coldest Night" shows the great artistic side of the band. Great cd all around great job guys.


i'm ridiculously impressed with this album. i don't know how i got here or where the heck these kids are from but whatever label Frank Granation (never heard of) is will be pulling in some money in 2007 for sure.


OMG! I can't belived A Day Away in iTunes. I think "Why A Day Away not in iTunes" and now their is. this 1th album is the best, best songs, best lyrics. my #1 song is "Touch Me Tease Me" this song is so exited, but "Coldest Night" in piano is my favorite too All the songs is great! So Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy and Buy \o/


without a doubt, a day away is the best new band i have heard in a very long time. i love their voices that create such a unique sound. just buy "touch me tease me" and i guarantee you wont be disappointed... listen only once & its likely that the song will become stuck in your head for a week or more. thats what happened to me, and ive listened repetitively ever since. "so like you" is also a good song on this album, but then again what isnt good by a day away?? i hereby proclaim my adoration of this band and all songs by them<3

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