Eric Church - 61 Days in Church, Volume 5

An EMI Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.

61 Days in Church, Volume 5 Tracklist:


AUTO TUNE DEEZ NUTZ!!!! You wouldnt know talent if you had it shoved down your throat. CHURCH BABY - CHIEF IS KING!!!


Just the type of garbage I’d expect from the anti second amendment, country fraud. After hearing him live you really realize how auto tuned this clown is. He’s in no way a truly talented musician. He’s a heavily auto tuned joke. I can’t believe I ever purchased any of his albums thinking he was a good country artist, I wish I’d have known how auto tuned he was back then bc I’d have never bought the first one.


I was kind of an Eric Church fan only because I’m an old school country music listener and couldn’t branch out and give new artists a try. But, this album seals the deal! Great work!

A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young

From the nosebleed section at my first Eric concert in 2015 to front row center in 2017 there is nothing better than attending “Church “ with thousands of your best friends! This collection gives us those memories.

Idaho Wolf Hunter

Some artists can actually sing live!!! Like Eric!!! The best in the business!!!! Since Merle and Waylon.....


Love it so far! Great stuff !


Having listened to all of the volumes on Spotify, I noticed this is only Eric’s songs. The full set offers almost 50% of the songs as covers that were connected to the town he was playing. Many of these were simply amazing. Perhaps there was copyright issues or maybe they will show up down the line? I can only hope!


nobody wants to listen to concert music.


Hoping this would be released on iTunes! 🥃⛪️