5 Seconds of Summer - CALM

℗ 2020 5 Seconds of Summer, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

CALM Tracklist:

Alyson Terry

the diversity, vocal range, and instrumentals are EVERYTHING on this album! there’s not one bad song. love it!

Random name 1234

I’ve been listening to this album everyday since it’s release! There are no skips, every song is a different emotion and story, it’s amazing how vulnerable these guys are with this album. I will most definitely recommend this album to others.


Every album they released gets more amazing. Loving the didn’t sounds on this album and how they choose to be creative with each album! 🙌🏻

More episodes less time



Amazing beautiful talent


I have this album on repeat. Added it to my shower playlist. This album is such a beautiful master piece. Proud af for these guys.


I’ll never get tired of 5sos. All their albums are masterpieces. I love every song in this album. Best years, not in the same way 🥺❤️. I can’t wait to hear this songs live.

oh ur

2020’s best album.

arianna ml.

this album hits so hard 🥺👏🏼🥰

what is this for??

This is it


Keep streaming

Grace Maffin ❣️

i’ve been a fan of the boys for 7 years and i’ve loved every song and album they’ve ever done. they’re so talented and such nice people, they deserve all the love and success they have, and more! this album is so timeless and amazing, i’ll never be tired of it 💗 so proud of them for this one 🥺 don’t give it bad reviews just because your artist had an album come out the same day!! spread love and positivity, the hate isn’t cute, and dua has an amazing album too! 😍💗


deserves #1


Honestly, I can’t choose which song is my favorite because they’re all so catchy and good! So proud 💜


everytime you think you know what 5SOS sound like they go and reinvent themselves!! 6 years later and their sound is still growing with me. GOOD JOB BOIS [email protected] on twitter


Watching 5sos grow and learn is so amazing for me personally. All their vocals and concepts have come together to make a masterpiece. I’m so excited to watch them keep growing and evolving. Their music may not sound the exact same but that’s the best thing about them. Everyone and everything changes and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Also no skips on this album. ❤️


I’m so proud of the boys. It makes me cry. Best album yet?


Such a fantastic album! Instrumentally as well as lyrically.


One of their best albums no skips and each song made me happy


yet again 5SOS have put out an amazing album, every song is something different and new for this group. most definitely their best album to date. can not wait to see where these guys create in the future, I will as always be ready to hear it. a great purchase!!


so so good♥️


it’s so good and fresh!

ChloeHerron2 on twitter

The guys never disappoint. It is amazing! I’ve heard the album so many times. I love them so much. They are amazing. BUY IT!!!!


There is no surprise that this 5sos album is great. With every album they somehow get better, even when we all thought they were already the best. Every song on this album is unique and, quite simply, amazing. I’m proud of you boys, you did it again.


I’ve been eagerly awaiting this album for a long time now. 5SOS has worked so hard to produce this masterpiece and it has paid off! This is a raw look into the lives and experiences of 5SOS. Each track is beautifully made and expertly designed to show off the talent of these four guys. Gonna get a bit sappy here so bare with. I’ve seen Cal, Ash, Luke, and Mike grow musically and talent wise since 2012. Every album they’ve released has been better than the last, and CALM is no different. They put their hearts on their sleeves and pour out their soul in the form of music. Stream CALM for good vibes <3

Dayana 2.0

If I could give this more stars I would! This album is an absolute masterpiece! This is possibly the next album the boys have written. DONT SKIP OUT ON THIS ALBUM!


The rest is meh.

5sos fan (Angie)

I’ve been a fan for a long time and I feel as though this album deserves all the love.


Their best album no question!


There is truly at least one song for anyone on this album. It is so diverse and different from any other 5 seconds of summer record! Stream CALM!


5sos truly never disappoints. four albums in the past seven years and every one of them has been better than the last. they’ve worked so hard and truly improved every single time. CALM is one of my favorite albums to date, and i genuinely believe it will always stay that way. each song is both sonically and lyrically unique and beautiful in its own way. proud to call them my favorite band, they deserve the world!! <3


the album has 0 skips and i would honestly listen to it forever. deserves to go #1 !!


This album is amazing, 5sos never disappoint with their new music, it’s always different from before. ♥️ super excited to see them in Denver this year!!🥺


I thought nothing could beat Youngblood...until I heard this album!! This album really puts you in your feelings and you can really express yourself with it. I find myself unable to pick a favorite song because they’re all AMAZING. Every single song is realistic and just so soothing especially right now. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Couldn’t be more proud to listen to it :)


Truly shows how they’ve matured and evolved as artist. All songs are great and deserve a listen by anyone and everyone!!!!

Ok shut up

I don’t think I’ve skipped one song on this album, let alone choosing not to listen to it as a whole. This entire album is a masterpiece and the bottom half of the album especially has my heart. I don’t know how they’re ever going to top this.


no skips and even better than their last album! amazing guys and amazing music:)


Legendary . Stream calm 😎


I have been blessed


This is their best album I’m jamming every day


not bad


As usual


So proud of these boys! They have grown so much in their abilities over the years and I can say with absolute certainty that this entire album is a banger! It’s the playlist to my morning dog walks, and I have shared it with my coworkers though our collaborative playlist at work. Super proud of these boys, will support them to the very end!!


5SOS NEVER fails to write amazing music. The pure and raw emotion poured into this album is something on a completely new level. I will support them forever and always because they always give us BOPS.


best album ever


absolutely terrible 🤢 and boring

yeet 🙌

no matter what they release, it is always the best musically and lyrically. and despite it not doing so well because of another fanbase, its one of their top albums and im hoping for the best for them. they mean the world to me and i can’t wait to see on tour! please keep streaming calm and let’s get them to #1!!!!


Somehow they’ve outdone themselves yet again


5sos is amazing. thats it. that's all i have to say. and its facts.


5sos never fails to give a a great album! i love this one sm🤍🤍

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