Prince - 4Ever

℗ 2016 This Compilation NPG Records Inc. under exclusive license to Warner Records Inc.

4Ever Tracklist:


Awesomeness at its finest

Brett II

This is an awesome collection of Prince’s most popular songs. Some of the songs I’ve heard before but most of them I haven’t. I love all the songs but my all time favorite is When Doves Cry. A must have for all Prince fans.

Chef J 85

In all honesty there is really nothing new here; if you own zero of Prince's releases or tracks at all then by all means down this package. However there are several better tracks they could have included and some of the tracks here are remixed or alternate album verisons. FYI look for the orignial albums on Itunes they are usually cheaper and the original verisons of the way Prince wanted these tracks cut & released. Moving on just another greatest hits package with more of the same, another record company making money off of a musican death that had he not died would have never released this two disc collection.


I purchased this album and it didn’t down load all of the songs. Great job I-Tunes. Ripping off the consumer again


Prince and Michael. The greatest of all time pop music superstars. ✨⭐️


Missing "she's always in my hair" computer blue, tears in ur eyes?, free, joy in repetition, then one or two I'm not aware of and then I'd get it for sure, and maybe a few others I don't have anymore and are my favorites to listen too, have, as well as the lyrics. Then I'd get it.

Gryphon MacThoy

Few fams of Prince can agree on what should and should not be on any compilation. But for people who only heard Prince on the radio but find themselves wanting to explore more, this is a real good start. It does, however, stop at about 1995? 96? It's missing twenty years of amazing works.


RIP Prince. Love your music. But this album is all about greed.

Tally Mi banana

You knew this wasn't a brand new album.


This is exactly what prince was talking about and didnt want to happen. These companies are just freelancing his music. Throwing it out there and releasing what and whenver they like just for their pockets. This is not celebrating his legacy man. This ain't right at all


I won't buy it. I have everything that's here with the exception of one song. I don't blame WB for cashing in after his death. Everybody who produces his music from his vault will the same. At some point, I am sure there will be a gigantic boxed set of ALL of his music. Until then, this is what we get.

Ryno Brien

Classic material. Not an improvement on The Hits/ B Sides collection though. Apparently this isn't even remastered. I bought it on cd and it sounds identical to the Hits collection from 93. The booklet even uses the same Herb Ritz photos from the 93 collection. Such a missed opportunity here. I knocked off 2 stars for the Let's Go Crazy edit. The intro is botched. I don't mind radio edits, but that intro edit is terrible. Listen to it and you will agree. I'm looking forward to the remastered, deluxe versions of his old albums... it is what it is. It was worth $15 at the end of the day..


This is a sad and sorry compilation by Warner, yet again trying to make more $ off O(+>. I guess fans should be grateful they gave us "Moonbeam Levels," even though any true fan already has that track, plus the remixes. It's a good track, from the 1999 era. Sadly, it may be true that Warner will win out in the end with his entire ouevre, something he fought for nearly 30 years of his career. They did get the album title right however, Prince 4ever!


I like prince but i don't have any cds from him and this is my first and i love it


You should instead buy Purple Rain, Sign O' the Times and LoveSexy. You'll eventually want more!

I danced w him

Not impressed w this playlist - real fans already have this - too bad they couldn't live up to his legacy w this playlist

Ms. Gunn

I have adored this man for over 3 decades & believe him to have been a true genius. Over the years, I have literally purchased every version of every Prince song from every Prince album (as well as numerous offerings from related artists) available on iTunes - EXCEPT for duplicates, of which there were several due to the release of multiple greatest hits compilations. Truthfully, I have inadvertently purchased a few of those as well. But, with the sole exception of Moonbeam Levels (which is another story altogether), I have not and will not buy any portion of this POS because it consists ENTIRELY of music I've already bought! Allegedly, a FEW tracks are radio edits previously unavailable in digital format. However, let me assure anyone at risk for being persuaded by that claim of two indisputable facts about those editing distinctions. Depending on the track, they are either 1) so minuscule as to be nearly unidentifiable even under intense scrutiny or 2) a negative attribute in so far as the longest, unedited version is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS better! If you don't already own it all like me, please do yourself a favor and skip this money making ploy. Instead of purchasing what amounts to an ill-informed and hastily prepared CliffNotes version of Prince for Dummies covering only a portion of his career, please do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to scan through the albums as they were originally released as well as The Hits/The B Sides & Ultimate with an eye out for longer versions. You may ultimately pay a wee bit more, but you will not regret it.


Prince is rolling over in his grave.


The same hits tracks and edits that have been on FOUR other hits compilations, with just ONE unreleased track? When people can just put the same track listing together as a playlist? UNACCEPTABLE!


I love every single song on this album, but I wish they could of had some other of his great classics like... Erotic city, The Most Beautiful Girl in The World, Money Dont Matter 2night, Pink Cashmere, and The Beautiful Ones. They should maybe of had a 3rd disk to make sure they get all the hits in there, but overall it was great and I enjoy listening 2 it. O(+>


I am so grateful to have this album. I am lucky to not be a reactionary moralist so I can fully enjoy the artistry Prince left for us. I am also not an obsessed fan so the popular songs aren't disappointing to have. I love that new peak songs I liked from his albums, like "Take Me With U" from Purple Rain and "Paisley Park" from Around the World in a Day are on here. Goodbye Prince. Hello music.


First off. This is actually a pretty good compilation of Prince's Warner Bros years. I don't know why Gotta Stop Messin' About is on here though. That's an odd choice. I Wish You Heaven would have been a more appropriate choice. Anyway, all the rest of Prince's best with Warner's is present and accounted for. Great songs. A true testament to his genius. Secondly.... Warners and the estate should be ashamed. Between, The Hits, The Very Best of Prince, and Ultimate Prince, we didn't need a fourth greatest hits collection. And the only possible reason to include the only unreleased song "Moonbeam Levels" is to get a true Prince fan like me to buy it. Yes. I ended up buying it. My love for Prince music and desire to have a studio CD version of Moonbeam Levels, outweighed my disgust at Warners/Prince's Estate for utilitzing such an obvious ploy. And yes, I'm going to buy the Deluxe version of Purple Rain, and whatever other unreleased albums they come up with. Hopefully they will not pull this crap in the future. But I don't have high expectations.....

Hairy stuff

I have most of the complitations, but I wouldn't buy one again unless it was remastered and had better sound than "Ultimate Prince." This version doesn't even have the "iTunes touch" applied. Next time! Where is the remaster of "1999" that Prince was said to be working on?

Kitchen Stink

"Money Don't Matter 2Nite".


Why is this not on Apple Music ? 😩


They Should Removed Nothing Compares 2U Put The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.


I was only 16 at the time of his death. I really didn't know who he was, really wish I did though he was a star and will forever be missed 💖💖💖 you are always in my heart

MsMama Mary



This is a nice collection for people who didn't have these songs.,How could they not have "The Most Beautiful girl in the world" everyone was looking for it and couldn't get it, only on the gold experience and it way over priced.


But it should have been mastered for itunes and the cd also remastered.

Princess Jasmine <3

Im not a diehard fan, but this compilation is sweet!

New Years Kid

The title says it all. These are some of Prince's best songs, remastered, and of course including the never released before Moonbeam Levels. Buy it for yourself, your kids and everyone.

Bobby Moe

These are all "been there...heard that" and if you had half a brain, you get into your collection, put the songs together and make your own mix from your own music and you will have this $20 rip-off. Prince was the artist of a generation and it is a total disgrace that WB put together this compilation just to make the all mighty buck. I SAY NO!!! HELL NO!! DO NOT BUY THIS FARCE, THIS INSULT, THIS DECEPTION. Prince would say the same thing. RIP Purple Rain. We got your back


overrated and boring. Over to "u."


I'm a long time Prince fan and love his music and the message , especially that it re-released some of his older music it is positive because it re- introduces the music and lyrics to the new generations..


Great album. I have been waiting for this. Bunch of wonderful classic songs.


So expected that of you, WB. disrespect.


I see many saying that this hits collection is lacking. I say that it is a perfect collection for driving around in your little red corvette.. or in my case, little red dodge challenger. I don't mind that there are edits here because if you live in a small town like I do, I like that I can get as many Prince songs played as I can. Yes, they could have put in other hits (including some that were not air play hits like She's Always in my Hair) but still a great compilation and well put together. An ideal collection may have contained an album of unreleased songs. This is just the first collection, and as his sister stated, there are 864 unreleased songs and counting... so we will all get our fix of un-heard music from the greatest artist of all time. Just r-e-l-a-x and wait for the new year :)

DJ Throwback

Prince was definetly A Legend As with so many other artist of his time I own All his stuff already Thanks to iTunes the Best Music Download Store in Earth!!!


Any a true PRINCE fan have the majority of these songs... we don't need another compilation CD, we want the real vault releases.


3.5-ish. Missing the Nothing Compares to you, The Family version. I like this version in this package but the original is amazing!


Why is this realeased? it contains little new music and it doesn't even have The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

J. Martin

This is just another sad way for WB to make money. Why would I buy yet another greatest hits album?


I hate to give a few stars as I have collected his music since 78 and had moonbeam levels years ago by a different name. This is for the person that says, "prince ,oh yes I love purple rain "

Ajenae C

I love him and his music so much, I just hate it that he had to leave us in that way. But I know he is happier than ever being with the one he's sang about in most of his career, God. He said Love is God God is love boys and girls love God above. We miss you. I will hold on and cherish your music until my last breath. Stay Purple.


If it's Prince you start with 5 stars. Subract 3 because it's a corporate cash in. The kind of thing that forced him to leave the label and become The Artist Formerly Known As...


Continue boycotting WB as he did




😢😢😢 Great Album!!!

Don Hayes

This is a great selection. For this complaining about ANOTHER hits set know this. Prince put this collection together. He stated in a magazine interview, after he re-signed with WB that he had no involvement in any of the Greatest Hits sets that WB had put out to that point. HE PUT this set together. These songs, in this order, the versions that he wanted.

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