3OH!3 - Want

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Want Tracklist:

Capricorn Dragon

I might be a little late, but I can't stop listening to 3OH!3 and Want is definitely their best album. Not a single bad track on here (except maybe Tapp, but that's more of an intro). I can't pick a favorite song on here; they're all my favorites.


Then it goes bad, the songs are so auto tuned and they don't sing (or "rap?") good at all


Still around and Colorado sunrise are the best but nobody even knows those two


Been waiting forever for another album! Fell in love with every song in Night Visions so super excited to see more :D


Always loved there songs, never gets old listening to this album and the others!


3oh!3 please come back and make more songs because I really miss this


3OH!3 is life. All their songs are creative and unique. No one sounds the same. I adore their music.


I tried to download this song by it also says download error. Again what a waste of money.


Okay so... There r 3 types of things for this group. Yes they use a lot of comments against women. Yet they also have good songs. So in my opinion u either love them, hate them, or you just don't care. I however love them.


3OH!3's amazing sound is just so addictive.


i looove 30h!3 theyre amaziiiiinngggg!


This music is like my new HU

Keepin it fresh69

Says purchased but I can't play it can someone help ??


It was good.


Check it out! Gonna be great!!



double digit

This cd is good. Better then I thought it would be. I only knew one song before listening to the cd. The song Don't Trust Me what else right. Lol. Anyway this cd has some kind of rap I think to it or kinda sounds like it but I am not really sure about it but this is a good cd.


I love 3oh!3. Even though I don't listen to this type of music, but it's good to take a break from rock and alternative stuff and listen to music that has one message and that's living life.


People shouldn't be listening to this it not good for you if there's a parent advisory on the front then that's a problem this band is stuped


I really loved this album but here are my top 3: 1. Photofinish 2. I can't do it alone 3. Don't trust me These songs are pretty upbeat😝

Satisfied and Happy:)

I really like this! Especially "i can't do it alone"


Not too too bad.... All I see is EXPLICIT over and over again....


1: Don't Trust Me 2: Punkb**ch 3: Richman 4: Photofinnish 5: Starstrukk The 5 B-E-S-T songs on this album!


I can't believe this came out in '08! It seems so much older than that!

3OH!3 Xbox Are the best

Thanks for the songs there cool if you don't

El fkn Reyy

This is freakn awsum it's not offensive and If you don't like it go listen to something else


This band makes me want to vomit my lungs out. Their lyrics are offensive ad ignorant.


OMG i really love all there songs!!!!! "L-O-V-E is just another word i never..." hahah thats the best part. ;)



mr. nobody2

too bad they haven't made anything like this album recently


It's really good besides they treat women like sex toys. I'm a girl so that's kinda offensive. but there awesome. So buy it now!! Cuz I said so!!


Just wonderful.


This album is wonderful, and for all of the haters who are talking about "inappropriate lyrics" or "offensive lyrics", this is why they invented clean lyrics, so just walk over and buy the clean version instead. Smartones, use your brains, you were born with one for a reason

Das wats up!

This was sickkk !! Totally buyin ! :D

Ashley Dahlberg

I LOVE LOVE LOVE their sound. They're basically in a genre of their own, an electric sound meets rap. They definitely pull this type of mix off with their catchy songs!! I don't think a weekend has gone by where I haven't partied to the colorado party starters :)


they r prretty good songs but...it sounds like they r trying way too hard...


I really like the version with Katy Perry, but the one with out her is awful.


i LOVE this album, but it really is pretty offensive to women. The songs are catchy, but women aernt just useless sex tools


I like the beats and MOST of the choruses, but some of the lyrics are really... what's the word? Insulting? Degrading? Offensive? Maybe... Innapropriate? Hell yeah, but whatever. They have catchy beats.


Wt evr happened to 3OH!3


I love all of the songs on this album! Like when 3OH!3 does a smooth song (i.e. Still Around, I'm not the One) they do it really well. Amazing album!


This is the coolest band ever!!!!!


great band luv them

Bluestar *

Everyone has different taste. So stop slamming on this band and go listen to what u listen to and well listen to what we listen to. Cuz I Want you to.


U can get this album for FREE By GOing to the app store and downloading idownload then go to the app and slect browse then go to the link that says mp3skull then just type in the name of the album or song.it's [email protected] percent legal


Thanks guys if it wasnt for you music wouldn't exist. Buy this album its amazing!!!! I LOVE YOU 3OH!3!!!!!!! <3


I luv this band they r so awesome top fav band i read a comment say this is demeaning to women in general and they gave it a 1 star rating that is B.S i am a chick and i luv their music and ppl saying it was perverted ohh well if it is deal with it!!!


I usually avoid stuff like this, but surprisingly, I actually like these guys they're upbeat and hot so I give it 4 stars.


They are some bad *ss boys......