Marc Anthony - 3.0

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3.0 Tracklist:

Trust and Us



My favorite from the whole CD “Espera” Marc & Sergio rocked it on this CD mainly on the I like!


I love the song “Vivir Mi Vida”!!!! I love the tune and the thought that went into making it!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆😆😆 Me encanta esta canción!


Marc sings like no other. Beautiful.


Copy cat artist


5 stars


One of his best!!


Marc is super talented and I absolutely love his voice! I know most people love Vivir Mi Vida, which is great, but Hipocrecia is the BEST song on the album!!!!!


The song "Vivir Mi Vida" was copied from the Jewish singer Gad Elbaz "Hashem Melech" almost note for note without copyright....


Vivid Mi Vida will forever being great memories of my visit to Cuba. They play this song over and over again!


I love Marc Antony so much! But I don't know but for some reason the song Flor palida stopped playing. I purchased it about 2 months ago. Now it just skip it and plays next song instead of flor palida. Help??? Please???!


Vivir mi vida might be the best song I've ever heard in my whole life. It really speaks to me and inspires me to take on the challenges each day brings, the song also legit makes me hard.

Andrew Rayo

Álbum del año



Muscle man 2002

This is the worst album I have ever heard. Don't waste your money


He is the king if salsa for this generation hands down


I think that Marc Anthony is one of the greatest Latin musical musician. He can sing in both English/Spanish. When he sings he brings out that Latin beat that everyone loves. I love all his albums. He always sings great. Love you Marc.😘😘😘😘


Buena canción para darle pa' lante sin mirar a atrás.

Pal carrizo

Este man tiene mucho talento !!! Pa que Si o si.




Eres el mejor flaco!!!!


Marc is the best singer ever!!

Meg Nochez

Love it eres único

Crist JDM

Me encantann todas todas toditas


The lyrics to this song are so moving & heartfelt that the first time I paid attention to them, my eyes watered and tears wet my cheeks. I had not realized Marc Anthony had written these lyrics. He is by far the " Best Salsa " singer of all time. His music not only moves your hips & feet , it also moves your heart and soul. Hopefully


Amazing as usual!!


Que descance en paz


Marc Anthony's only mistake was believing that JLo could sing but with a voice as beautiful as his, he is more than forgiven. This album is amazing as we have come to expect. Marc Anthony is a legend. You had me at "Flor Palida" !


He did it again, Im so ready to enjoy his upcoming concert, love his music, his style, what can I say, this is another superb job!!!


Love the album!!! 😊 Marc Anthony is the best in his salsa !


Like Lady Gaga trying to sing Spanish


Ayee its lit!!! Love it👌👌👌


Iv been a fan of Marc since he first came out with his first salsa album in 1993. I was 4yrs old, and as the yrs went by and he was coming out with more music I have loved him and his music even more! About 2 yrs ago I went to my first concert with Marc, Chayanne and Antonio solis At the American Airlines stadium in Dallas TX. And I have to say the best performance that night was by Marc! He definitely stole the show! The way this man sings live is exactly how he sings in his albums! Always on point!!! From one boricua to another Marc I love you! Your voice and music is an inspiration to us! Keep doing what your doing! I will be seeing you soon! Btw this album is AMAZING, worth every penny! <3

Ms. Ortega

Love it !

Lucas booty



Como siempre otro buen albun.


I'm a huge fan of Marc. I have all his album but this album is a snooze. This is a POP album this cant really be consider salsa. Every song but Vivir Mi Vida are slow. Marc need to come stronger next time.


Love It ❤️👌


Marc you are the best


Loved the album. The only negative thing I'd comment out is the few songs in the album. Marc Anthony should release at least 12 songs in each album. Otherwise, exquisite album to listen to.


Awesome! Great dancing tempo salsa as usual. Este flaco si que puede cantar!


Hands down crowns are gettin swiped, musically gifted puertorican FIRE, the heat is back on many blessing Marc peace.


For some reason, there is something missing when I listen to these songs. I have been a fan since he began and there is no "sabor" in this album. Your musicians don't sound as good and neither does his voice. Marc, time to take it back this sounds too studio.

Absolut Raspberrie

Que orgullo poder decir que eres puertorriqueño!! Viva la salsa ❤️❤️❤️

Wild Style Willie

Coming from the old school with Marc I ask u, was there ever a doubt about him. Even through the hardest time of his life he still produces like a true artist. Congrats on your Grammy Marc. Well deserved. D.J. Wild-Style Willie


Marc you are the king of salsa. I love this album.

Alejandra vecino

Eres el mejor de todos nunca nadie ha podido superarte y nadie lo lograra tu eres único , te amo


I'm obsessed with this album! Love every song, especially Hypocresia and Flor Palida! Great job marc.


Marc come for her and take I am okay with it

Wilmer Portillo

Es talentosa la musica de marck Anhtony