Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

℗ 2009 Reprise Records.

21st Century Breakdown Tracklist:

ball of mom

I love all the song but my favorite is 21 guns

mr. Analyzer

Or does tracks nine and 12 kind of sound like Misery from Warning, track 15 sounds like Church on Sunday from Warning, and track 17 sounds like Deadbeat Holiday also from Warning?


Last of the American girls is soooo underrated. Great album. If you liked American Idiot, you’ll like 21st century breakdown.


I don't know what else to tell you. It's just good music-- my personal favorites are Viva La Gloria and East Jesus Nowhere and Peacemaker and-- okay, it's pointless to list favorites, it's just a really enjoyabe and fresh album as a whole. Enjoy!


Now it's on my iPhone and playing constantly in my car. I loved "21 Guns", "Song of the Century", and "Peacemaker" is scary catchy. Just buy the album. If you really liked "American Idiot", you'll really liker this one as well.


Great Song


Nobody notices this song. This song is about Chris, and how he has a big drug problem. And heading towards the guitar solo, he looks and the mirror and tells himself to know that he is the enemy. And as soon as as he says as little as, "Know your enemy," the world's best guitar solo EVER plays in all it's glory. PLEASE JUST BUY THE SONG.