Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2009 Reprise Records.

21st Century Breakdown (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


just YES


Reminds me of some old school Green Day! How can you not love em’ ? I’ve gotta see them in concert!

Ashley vamp

I absolutely love Green Day 🖤👏🏻


21 guns. Period.


I have loved this album since it came out in 2009. I found myself humming a song off this album and then had to find it. I missed it and forgot how good it is. Melodic, brilliant, well written and even more relevant than it was when the time it came out. With all due respect, they are so much better than they were in the Dookie, Nimrod days. American Idiot is one of my favorite albums of all time, but i really like this one too. There’s not a bad song on this album. Every song is beautiful and it flows together so beautifully.


My parents used to own this album. Now that I purchased one of the songs off this album, I will still listen to Green Day. I’m in love with this song


Selling out as always

Agent troll

What as the world come too? This album is so bad it makes me want to throw my head into a woodchipper. How dare they make such a cursed album.

Ariana does it again!!!!

A masterpiece

mmd l

kiram to kos khare unai k a to estefade krdn bi qeyrato tarso bodan :) toam omidvaram btoni ba karai k kardi kenar biay , khodafez ;)


Worst album, stab yourself in the ear with an ice pick if you think this is real music.


Ok, so I'm ancient by today's standards (67), but that doesn't mean I'm stuck in the past. I always buy the deluxe versions of Green Day albums, and one of the bonus tracks had me rolling on the floor. Can't recall the title ("A Quick One While He's Away"?). I was howling halfway through this one! I like the rest of the album, but the bonus gems (like "Kleptomaniac" on "American Idiot") make it worth the extra $$ for the deluxe versions. I was a Ramones & Sex Pistols fan back in the day. I don't care if Green Day is considered punk or not any more. I still love their music, and feel they have something relevant to say.


i honestly like this album more than american idiot - nimrod’s still my favorite, but this isn’t nearly as bad as everyone else in the comments is saying it is i will admit that know your enemy is annoying and i’m just bored of 21 guns because it’s so overplayed but the rest is pretty göod my favorites are see the light, murder city, and especially restless heart syndrome


When I hear this song I always cry because it’s soooooooooo good!!! GREEN DAY IS AWESOME!!!


Enough said.


People said that this is the best album of its decade, (which is factually incorrect because of just Warning and American Idiot by themselves) or even best ever! Why? Some of the songs on here like "East Jesus Nowhere", "Last Night on Earth", "Restless Heart Syndrome", and "Horseshoes and Hand-grenades" are all pretty good, but then we have snore factories like "Before the Lobotomy", "Peacemaker", and especially "21 Guns", speaking of which, why does this get so much love? Billie sounds like he's gonna nod off any minute, it lacks any force or punch, and it literally has no reason to exist because we already have a much better ballad in the form of "Last Night on Earth". The only reason the needed a ballad as a single is because the biggest hits off of the last album were more moody and slow. Speaking of ripping themselves off, THESE ARE LITERALLY THE EXACT SAME CHARACTERS AS AMERICAN IDIOT BUT WORSE! They just gave them names in the form of heavy handed symbolism. The only difference between the plot of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown is that I can at least tell what the plot was to an extent. Here, they make it too unclear of what the hell is even happening! This is by no means terrible, as I said before, there are some nice tracks, and to certain people, I could get loving this, but it isn't even close to the best ever.

Fan of Greenday

I liked it, but personally I'm a fan of the album American Idiot, so I liked that one more.


I Love This Album


It's on the pulse!!


sorry but i don't agree with Thalia Grace


My favorite album


💪 strong song and has great lyrics Love the whole album #GreenDay4Life and rock out


While I totally admit bias here, this album was my High School savior. If I didn't have this album constantly playing, I wouldn't have survived that prison-in-disguise.


You may say this song is too young to have a good rating. You did not listen to 21st Century Breakdown, nor this song. I mean, this song is 7 years old and was 4 albums ago! Just because something is made in the modern world, doesn't mean it's terrible. Like, pretty much everything that 21 Pilots make are fantastic, (besides Ride) and Revolution Radio was ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS GREEN DAY HAS MADE. And really, this song is just great. You should listen to it Green Day fan or not.


Song of the century-9.5/10 hilarious but NOT the song of the century

Someone who loves 1D

I am 12 years old and I really wish I was born early so I could have been supporting them from their first albums. It's sad to think I can't have the opportunity to see them in concert because they would have been amazing. I know for a fact their fans are a lot older than me and could grow up with this band as I wish I could. They are great, well done on this album I can't stop listening to it. Lol it's 2015 #tbt


Buy it, listen, repeat!


I love it as a fan of green day and Friday night smackdown


I love the songs restless heart syndrome, ¿viva la Gloria?, before the lobotomy, Last NIGHT on earth, lats of the American girls, viva la Gloria, know your ene,y , eats Jesus no where and others


A couple of years ago my Bluetooth-equipped car broke down and I had to drive to work with the seemingly archaic CD player to accompany me. In that CD player I put just one album: "21st Century Breakdown". This ablum nursed me through an entire winter, and after feeling quite skeptical at the start, I can safely say that--by a narrow margin--this is my favorite Green Day album. While some may criticize the songs themselves for perhaps not being strong enough to stand on their own merits (particularly after the masterpiece that was "American Idiot"), collectively they form a narrative of political satire and personal rebirth. In a way, this is the story of Green Day's evolution from upstart rock band to globally-recognized music icons: it's a story that brings them from their teenage angst to reluctant maturity. If "American Idiot" can be creditd for shifting focus from the struggles of adolescence to the harsh reality of the "real world", "21st Century Breakdown" could be credited with helping those adolescents (now grown) find their place in it. While continuing to ask the same questions "American Idiot" put forth, the band also paints its narrator (and perhaps themselves) as messaianic figures: out to change the world or die trying. In the end, the much loved and loathed "21 Guns" is the anthem of a rebel who realizes that the lifetime of shouting has done nothing to change his state, and that to change the world, one must first co-exist in it. This is a story in three parts: an opera in the stage of the listener's mind, which invites you in before asking you to finish what it started.

Wakka wakka 

I have every song on this album... Amazing


This is a great song but the download is messed up, it'll repeat the song from the beginning after 10 seconds and it'll continue doing that in a loop!

Gustavo's Love Future Gf

Omg I love green day my fav song Is 21GUNS omg love it was the first song I heard from them and I still love them❤️😍


When I was a kid my dad and uncle used to play Green Day all the time. I didn't know the name of the songs or the bands name. I forgot all the songs a few years later. Just now my friend recommended this band and now I remember being a child loving this band.


it's okay some good songs some filler


Best band ever


Amazing... Every. Single. Time. Every new album amazes me even more... All the way since Dookie I've loved this band. GREEN DAY FOREVER

Greenday is awsome

It is the best same with American idiot but this one And American idiot had a lot of songs I never heard a lot of these songs

Soe Wunna Punk-Rocker

Best songs ever


Green Day has never given me a reason not to be proud of them. I love this album as much as I do American Idiot, and this album has more inspiring lyrics actually. When I first listened to "Viva la Gloria" and really paid attention to the lyrics, I was blown away. The piano at the beginning and the fact that it sounds as if Billie Joe is truly singing to this character, Gloria, just amazed me. Some other songs that don't get recognized as much such as "The Static Age", "Murder City", and "Restless Heart Syndrome" are all excellent in their own way. Green Day aren't posers in my opinion, and even though they've changed their sound, they're still punk. Y'know, punk isn't a sound or a look. Punk is standing up for what you believe in and not caring what anyone else thinks about it. And Green Day are still not giving a crap about what the critics say.


Best album ever.


Nothing will ever beat American idiot but this is a great follow up. I'm confused about the booklet however.


I loved this album it was a good use of money.

Solar Turtle

Song of the Century - 8 - The perfect way to start an album of this stature. 21st Century Breakdown - 9 - Like "Nobody Likes" You (a.k.a. "Homecoming"), a mashup of a whole bunch of great songs put together, and though it's not the first song that Green Day made like this, it's still very creative and much better than "Jesus of Suburbia" or "Nobody Likes You". Know Your Enemy - 10 - Very original, and even though it doesn't have the typical 21st Century Breakdown "latin" feel to it, still captures a lot of the same techniques used in the rest of album, like the catchy harmonics in the guitar riff, or the background scatting by Mike Dirnt (The "Oh Way Oh Way" in "Know Your Enemy" or the "Hey yay yay yay yay" in "Peacmaker"). ¡Viva la Gloria! - 6.5 - Even though it's mostly "filler" material, the "latin" feel added to it is what makes it that much more memorable. Before the Lobotomy - The same chords and style used in "American Idiot" can be easily heard in this song, so there isn't very much originality, but, it still manages to hold it's own with a little bit of that "Jesus of Suburbia" style in it. Overall, the least original song on the album, but still catchy. Christian's Inferno - 5 - It's reffering to the man on the cover, not the religious belief, but in a sense, the whole album makes it a double meaning. Not much of a song other than the chorus, but is a bit like "St. Jimmy" and is the highest energy song in the album. Last Night On Earth - 4 - It's good and bad. Slow, and different from most Green Day, but the flip side to that is that it's a little too soft for most people's taste. East Jesus Nowhere - 10 - Much better than "Know Your Enemy" and "Last of the American Girls", and very creative with the harmonics. One of my all time favourite songs by any band. Peacemaker - 10 - As if "East Jesus Nowhere" didn't just blow you away, Peacemaker is placed perfectly in the album and uses an acoustic guitar for the majority of the song rather than the an electric. Probably the most original song I've ever heard, and puts Mike Dirnt's background vocals to good use as well. A very "latin" feel to it. Last of the American Girls - 4.5 - Not very original, a bit slow, and a bit of a let down as well, coming from the two previous masterpieces. The main riff has been used FAR too many times now. Murder City - Very good punk song, if not the most "punk" on the album. Not much to say other than it's another one of my all time favourites. ¿Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl) - 8.5 - The originality in this album is best represented by this song and "Peacemaker". It does use the drum line from "Misery" in "Warning", but much better with a great lead guitar riff in the end. Restless Heart Syndrome - 5.5 - Very chilling song, especially when Billie joe whispers "Know Your Enemy", answering the question in the beginning of the album. Not a very good song by itself, but with the story of the album floating around it, it's unforgettable. Horseshoes and Handgrenades - 7.5 - A bit of a rip-off of a song called "Hate to Say I Told You So" by The Hives, but it's a lot heavier and in my opinion maybe even better than the old Swedish punk number. The Static Age - 10 - Another all time favourite here, and a very original one. Catchy, fast-paced, and excellent vocals by Billie Joe and Mike. 21 Guns - 5.5 - A lot of controversy has been created by this song, and the truth is, it's the most overrated song of all time. It's not even half as good as "Wake Me Up When September Ends". It's not even close to original, the double strum followed by a rest are also heard in "Brain Stew", which IS in fact, an amazing song. This song is NOT Green Day's best/worst work, it's just okay. The Modern World - 10 - Very good punk song, another "Jesus of Suburbia", and with a veey unusual chorus, going from sharp to natural saying "Hysteria" and then combining it with "I don't wanna live in the modern world" just blew me away the first time I heard it. Mike Dirnt gets to sing a couple times in the second half of the song which is always amazing. See the Light - 1.5 - Horrible, horrible song. Stop listening to the album after the previous song ends, don't even bother with this one, you'll be very dissapointed. Overall, this is my personal favourite album of all time and I know all the words to it by heart, and I honestly think if you're talking about all the material Green Day has made, this is the richest in originality and catchy numbers.


I think that song is the best

More than 1 but Less than 2

21 Guns is a great song, but it's gotta be the worst song on the album. The Last Night On Earth is easily better, it's a true calm love song, and the vocals are a million times more impressive. The whole album is the experience though, you can't really say one song is better or worse than another. You CAN pick favourites though, and mine are the Static Age, East Jesus Nowhere, Peacemaker, ¿Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl), Horseshoes and Handgrenades, American Eulogy, 21st Century Breakdown, and Know Your Enemy. WARNING: this album is EXTREMELY Latin sounding, and most of the songs are ballads, meaning they start out with a minute of a slower, softer sounding version of the main part of the song, so before you judge each song right away, give it about a minute to actually start.


This is Green Day's best album I suggest you get it been listening to them since I was 5!! Favourite song is 21st Century Breakdown


It's like u changed ur voice, u guys sound so different MAJOR improvement Green Day u have made me so happy this album has awesome songs like horseshoes and handgrenades,Know your enemy,Static age,Christans inferno,East Jesus nowhere,21 guns,See the light,Murder city,Restless heart syndrome,Last night on earth and more!!!!!


This is by far my favorite album. It is one of those rare albums where every song is great. My favorite song is "East Jesus Nowhere"

The Real Grny

I've been listening to Greenday since I was a kid and they have never failed to provide great albums, and all their songs rock!!!