Pink Floyd - 1972 Obfusc/Ation

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1972 Obfusc/Ation Tracklist:


Worth every second spent listening and every penny too.


Great album but some One really turned up the treble on masons hi hat mics on echoes.


Lifelong Floyd fan. Bought this purely for the Pompeii tracks & am not disappointed. Very good. But this.


Is neat

Clay Calthorpe

Wow, the remix of Obscured by Clouds sounds terrible to me. Louder and clearer, but the tonal qualities are all wrong; Nick Mason might as well be hitting a pie tin instead of a snare. Same for Live at Pompeii. "Finally," you think, "a proper audio version! And with Echoes as one seamless song!" And then you hear it... it's heartbreakingly inferior to the audio on The Director's Cut dvd. Listen very carefully to the samples; what you hear isn't limited to that passage; it won't improve in the next few bars. That's the sound you'll get in the full song, and I think it stinks -- but to each their own.


I didn't even know that this existed. Very cool to see in iTunes. I just wish they wouldn't have taken away the remastered version of the wall. Or Discovery for that matter. Floyd rules.


They did a great job remastering this, my only complaint is echoes. It's by far the best version, yet it crackles pretty badly at some points in the middle, the original never did that


Worth the $15. The greatest versions of echoes and a saucerful of secrets are on here


Masterful remaster! Sonic ear candy!


Fantastic! The best echo performance ever. This remastered version is worth it


Pompei - New Guinea. Powerful Molten Spurts of Floyd though Exotic SPACE and Colourful TIME! It seems like pure sounds are beginning to filter through a prism.... 🌈 🌘 🌍 ☀️


Holy crap this is amazing

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