Pink Floyd - 1971 Reverber/ation

℗ 2016 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Pink Floyd Music Ltd.

1971 Reverber/ation Tracklist:

To the unknown man

Those live version are pure gems for Pink Floyd Lovers. Fat Old Sun, Echoes, Embryo get my vote...All IN-CRE-DIBLE. Be warned, you will not be able to listen to the Studio Version of "Fat Old Sun" the same ever again.

jason a lefler

Nothing is beautiful. I’d love to see all the parts of Nothing on a Meddle box set. I hope we get that...

JMP Fritz

This little collection has amazing performances with a 15 minute long version of "Fat Old Sun", also extraordinary performances on "One of These Days" and "Embryo", and the epic "Echoes".


Obviously there was a massive amount of music released on the box set, but this album is worth getting. Excellent live versions.


Perfect Simpatico by 4 Beautiful young men who laid it all on the line when it all was on the line.

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