Pink Floyd - 1970 Devi/Ation

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1970 Devi/Ation Tracklist:


Nurk Twin

Most Pink Floyd fans I know only like from DSOTM to The Wall. There is MUCH MORE to Pink Floyd than that an here is some of it. Great quality and these are the roots that sprang into the masterpieces of the late years and LP's. "Floyd" is great in their early years. Jeff B in ny

JMP Fritz

There is a lot of really cool short songs recorded during the Zabriskie Point sessions. Some of them should've been longer, added lyrics, and released on the "Atom Heart Mother" LP.


ATOM HEART MOTHER. Oh, the bemused look on those middle aged women, as they fused their voices to the masterpiece in production. ATOM HEART MOTHER. Oh... then Richard begins to see a Great Gig in his mind. Thank you Richard 🙏🏻


oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!

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