Green Day - 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 1991 Green Day, Inc.

1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


William H. Bonnie

This is a combination of their 1st album, 39/Smooth and their 1st two E.P.s, Slappy and 1000 Hours and it rocks.


I only like at the library


Why is Going to Pasalaqua Explicit? But anyway I love this album!!!!!

Cats RULE 12EK

This is a really good album and totally underrated.

Quinn The Kid

When I first heard this album I was shocked! I didn't know they ever sounded like this! And It's so underated! Favorite songs are 1,000 Hours, At The Libary and Knowledge (Great cover)


The best


Green Day's first album is so good from beginning to end!


This has got to be the best Green Day album. Every song in this record is life changing. I love Green Day in general but I feel the first two albums were the best. Wish they can perform them live again. Bet they would sound the same ❣


Green Day has been and always will be my favorite band of all time. This album was forever ago it seems. The newer albums aren't bad, the older ones are just better.


I am a die hard fan of Green Day and I would buy any new album the hour it comes out. But people need to know that this isn't "Uno Dos Tre" Green Day this is "Pre-Dookie" Green Day It isn't the high fidelity more "pop rock" stuff they put out now, This is classic indie Green Day. Not for new fans.


They were the best!!! But in my opinion after 21st Century Breakdown, their music hit the fan

Confused Youth Guitar

This was my favorite of their releases. Compilating 39/Smooth with the Slappy, 1,000 Hours EPs, with a song featured periously on a another compliation of various artist. All these songs just speak from their adolescent stages of their lives, and it was so great listening to it as a kid! Oh and the solos were awesome too!


This is Green Day at their earlier times, but in my opinion this album is great & any Green Day fan would love it. I had to get used to it but after a while of listening to it, it really grew on me & I love it now. But I recommend this to any classic Green Day fan or any Green Day fan in general! :) Best songs (no order): Paper Lanterns 409 in Your Coffeemaker At the Library Don't Leave Me Disappearing Boy Going to Pasalacqua 16 Why Do You Want Him? Only of You :)


Top five songs are Dry Ice, Only of You, Disappearing Boy, Going to Pasalaqua, and 409 In Your Coffeemaker.


There r good songs and bad songs. And the only reason about half of the songs r bad is cause THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME. You listen to a song and (except 4 a few songs) you think its the same song all over again. And what kinda title is "1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours?"


do I need to say more

Glee Peepz

I love Green Day. Fav and best band. The only thing that is not a cd with the distinct sound of Mr. Crazy Cool drumming

More than 1 but Less than 2

If you loved Dookie, which you did, you will definetly love this album. It's just awesome, it's the definition of punk rock music!




I do really want this album, but without the extra stuff. I want the 19 songs but that would be more expensive than buying the whole deluxe album


I like this album, my favorite track probably is "16"


I'm 37!!! Green day bought me beer when I was 16!!!! <3


Green day is a great band to get you to love punk music if you don't listen to much punk, amazing song in this album is road to acceptance, even though it's about racism it can be very relatible sometimes, there's also only of you witch has a awsome guitar solo and the lyrics are amazing and is moltsly about the title, then never forget about the judges daughter witch is pretty similar to only of you, but all together you can have a blast rockin out, and if you like it try, pinhead gunpowder witch has Billie in it, operation ivy, the offspring, rancid, and blink 182


These were the songs that launched them from gilman street. I was at those shows, and is was awesome! This is their best album, which is a mix of all of their early singles. And yes, they slaughtered an operation ivy song :)


for some reason this doesn't sound like green day but it's amazing

Amazing game 2 play when bored

Green Day is the best band i have ever known without green day music wouldnt be music


Fav songs are: Don't leave me,16,paper lanterns,Disappearing boy,and Green day,oh and also going to pasalaqua

Sara Reichard

My favorite album


Okay, you all are such basket cases. I hope that you're all aware that this is their first album, and it was produced on a small underground label. They had a budget of about 800 dollars and they recorded this album within a few days. Infact, this song came out when Mike, Billie, and John K. (their first drummer, before Tre Cool) where in high school. So really, cut them some slack. For all of the restrictions budget wise that they had, this album really is amazing. So, favorites? At The Library- I truly believe that this is one of the best songs on this album. It's a super great way to start out; the opening chords of this song really get you excited for it. Basically everyone can relate to this song too. It's about Billie being at a library (ironic, isn't it?) and suddenly he sees a girl across the room, staring at him. As he begins to notice this he states "but she quickly looks away." Aw, poor Billie. Throughout the song he comtemplates why he thinks that this ordinary girl is so special, and why she chose to look at him. In the end, Billie discovers that the girl has a girlfriend. Paper Lanters- This song is definitely one of the most clever, best written on the album. The opening drums for this song is amazing. Personally, my favorite part of the song is when all of the instruments drop dead while billie says " [Tell me why] I STILL THINK ABOUT YOU," which really sounds fantastic live. Anyways, those are my two favorites, some others to consider are Going to Pasalacqua, Disappearing Boy, and I Was There. 5 stars for sure!


All I hear is a perfectly good operation ivy song RUINED


This album is great. it's too bad they never got any airplay. The best songs are 16, I Was There, Don't Leave Me, Going to Pasalacqua, Road to Acceptance, Green Day, At the Library, Paper Lanturns, Rest, 409 In Your Coffeemaker, Dissapearing Boy, Knowledge, Why Do You Want Him?, Dry Ice, The Judge's Daughter, 1,000 Hours, I Want to Be Alone, The One I Want, then Only of You... in order. Green Day you rock! Don't stop!


Wow. Almost every single word in that sentence was incorrect. This WAS their first album, but they were in their 20's. Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Drint hadn't met Tre Cool until, like, their early 20's. And I personally like Green Day's early work better than 21st Century Breakdown, but that's just mu opinion.


Ok ok u guys think this is bad but u gotta understand this was their 1st album and they were 14 when they made it!!!

Crayzie J

Awesome sound! billie lays down some nasty guitar solo's!!

Davidados Vegas

I love green day I'm a fan of all their music, and this album is great cause shows you what green day was like when they were young. At the library is my fav song. There are some points in the album though that I thought, couldn't they have had a better idea than this? This is not as good as their other albums

Tyler Lyon

I know this is Green Day's very first album, but to me every song sounds the same. Don't get me wrong though, it's not bad by any means. Listening to this album, you can certainly see how GD's sound will expand and change for the better. Some stand-out tracks are: At the Library I Was There Disappearing Boy Going to Pasalacqua (probably my favorite) The Judge's Daughter Paper Lanterns Knowledge I Want to Be Alone


I used to love green day until American idiot and 21 century and then I hated them because they could've gone the Beatles route politically( fans know what I mean) but this year I was writing a research paper(I'm an 8th grader) and I got stressed so I asked my friend what I should do to relax. He played me the first song, at the library, and I instantly felt better. I traded him a copy of this album for a Metallica album (kill em all since I love metallica, and we are trading back tomorrow) and I love this album.BUY IT!!!!!

The Punk Rock Skater 7

Does anyone else disagree with the album review? Because I think this was a pretty good album and I also think Tre' is just as good a drummer as Kiffmeyer.....


I love green day ever since I can remember and nothing about them dissapoints me! But iTunes does. I have brought the slappy hours and I'm dissapointed that the live old songs are album only!!!! Paper lanterns live is an AMAZING song but I can only listen to the preview because the song is album only so screw u iTunes (not green day cuz I love them forever and always!) I love green day and I saw them in concert last summer and it was sooooooo amazing I bought a bajillion tour shirts and t-shirts and in keeping them forever and forever and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But anyways it bothers me about the live songs on this album. iTunes screw u. Green Day I love you and I don't care what anyones says about you guys you guys are frigging AMAZING!!!!! PEACE, LOVE, GREEN DAY!!!!!!


F... All this pop stuff green day is punk


In midst of the endless battle between Dookie and American Idiot (two great albums in their own way) I find this one to be my all time favorite. I cannot explain why, but I somehow like it a lot better than anything Green Day did afterword (I like it all somewhat, but that is irrelevant). My only complaints are the long name, and the confusion as to whether this is a real album, or an extention of 39/smooth and whether that is an album or an EP. I may already own this albumish thing, but I am willing to spend my money on it again to get it in the format of vynil (the second best way to listen to music, other than live).



I belive it is a little cool i like the songs but its kind of deppressing knowing that tre cool isnt in that album


every song is good probably their best album even if it is their first every song is great

St jimmy527041

GD is by far my favorite band and i absolutly love dookie and american idiot, but something about this album just dosn't click with me. I like at the libary and why do you want him but all the others seem to just blend together.

Black Ice founder

This an Nimrod are my favorite Green Day albums. They just sound younger. Green Day did not sell out, they grew up compare these to 21st Century Breakdown and it is obvious. LOVE IT


It's okay


just as the title saysss, I love green day & alwayss willlll :)))

Krash Kola Jinxx

even though it was their 1st album, nobody could resist it! even at the beginning they knew what they were doing and they did it well!


A great album but it's so under rated. If u ask 9/10 so called green day fans about this album they'll have no idea what your talking about. And most of the people who do know it will say it isn't good.